Top Tips For Dealing With Teenage Problems

If you have yet to find yourself with a teenager in your household, don’t worry your time will come, just appreciate when your younger children listen to you and do as they are asked, without a humph or an eye roll… No-one has ever said that parenting a teenager is going to be easy and … Read more

Summer Jobs for your Teenager.

Last week, Lochlan and I were discussing the logistics of a summer job, as I cannot keep being the bank of mum! Xene has had a gap year and during that time she has been helping with the family business, but Lochlan is not so keen, so he is considering looking for a Summer Job … Read more

Its All About The Shoes!

So, Lochlan has been at college for nearly an entire year, I have absolutely no idea where that time has gone, his hair has grown back down to his shoulders, resembling a cross between Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker, his t-shirt collection has increased dramatically over the year as he suddenly realised that not having … Read more

Night At The Prom

Two years ago, when Lochi finished Year 9, we made the decision to move schools, he wasn’t really being pushed at his last school and although Xene had come away with some good grades, the school had certainly gone downhill. We looked around his current school with Neva, who was about to start Year 7 … Read more

Underage Drinking ISN’T Cool! Be Drinkaware

  Have you spoken with your child/ren about Alcohol ? I must admit I am extremely lucky, so far Xene, Lochi and Neva have shown no interest in drinking alcohol whatsoever, Xene has mentioned on a couple of occasions that she had seen a few girls from school drinking and making fools of themselves and … Read more

Teenage Spots and Wrinkles! Its all in the Sk:n

These seven are enough to give me wrinkles! In our household we have an age range from four months up to 42 years old, so at any one time there is likely to be ‘issues’ or `problems ‘. Currently we have two teens and a tween, which means hormones and puberty ! And the good … Read more