Project 366 Two weeks 66 – 79

Another two weeks have flown past, only another ten days until my birthday and a few more until our Disneyland Paris holiday, the children are starting to get a little bit excited! Our last two weeks in photos… 66 – Happy Mothers Day. I had quite a relaxing day, topped off with a Chinese so … Read more

Project 366 Two Weeks in one Days 52-65

Two weeks again, think this will probably be the way it goes in the future, but i’m pretty sure the last time I tried it I had given up by now, so it’s looking more promising. 52. In The Washing! Tyrus is getting a lovely sense of humour, his latest is to fall into the … Read more

Project 366 – Two weeks AGAIN! Days 38-51

Late to the party as usual, I didn’t even get a chance to link up this week as it was too hectic in half term week. 38 – Holiday Booked! We had promised the children when we went to Disneyland Paris for my 30th birthday that we would return for my 40th, so today we … Read more

Project 366 Two weeks in one! 24-37

We were far too busy last week and didn’t get a chance to post our week of picture, so this week its two for the price of one.   24. Viggo and His Hat! I’m not quite sure why, but Viggo has taken a real shine to Kaide’s Star wars hat and keeps wearing it … Read more

Project 366 Week 3 17 – 23

Another week, another set of pics and an update on our chaotic household! 17 . Sleep Anywhere – We struggle every Sunday to get Tyrus to bed (well,¬†we struggle every night) sometimes it is 2.30am before he finally goes to sleep, he doesn’t know how to switch off, so when he settled on the pouffe … Read more

Project 366 Week 2 Days 10-16.

Week 2 has been one of lots of the family feeling yuck! 10 – Maths Monkey – Sunday I spent most of the day at the hospital an hours drive away. My mum had a ‘simple’ operation that didn’t go according to plan and ended up with two lots of anaesthetic and operating twice! With … Read more

Project 366 – Time to Leap In!

So a new year begins, I have started the photo a day project in 2014 and failed in February and then in 2015, it stopped about March, so this year I am hoping to go the whole year, especially as Xene is planning to fly the nest, I need to capture the entire family as … Read more