The Best Electric Breast Pump

Best Electric Breast Pump There are many reasons that a new mum chooses to use a breast pump, from topping up a new baby’s feed, going back to work, or just having a break away from baby and needing someone else to feed them, if you are unsure which to choose, here are our top … Read more

The Best Manual Breast Pump

Best manual breast pump 2020

We all know breast is best – but what about when you want to have a break from your baby? It’s no good having grandparents or your best mate at the ready, all primed to babysit while you go out and have some fun (or even just pop to the shops without interruptions) if they … Read more

The Best Reusable Pads

We’re all concerned about the environment, and some of the items used regularly by many women are menstrual or maternity pads, tampons and pantyliners. It might not have occurred to you to seek out the best reusable pads out there, but in the interests of saving the planet – as well as some cold, hard … Read more