So Many New Gadgets for Parents!

When I had Xene, our eldest back in 1998 (which to me is only yesterday, but according to the younger children it’s SO long ago!) the most modern appliance you could get for a baby was a monitor, you literally plugged it in next to the cot and you had the other part downstairs that … Read more

Pursuing Friendships When You Are A Busy Mum

Friendships can often feel like a thing of the past when you are a busy mum. After all, the days are gone when you has long days out shopping and drinking with your friends. And you probably can’t remember the last time you went on a weekend away with your girly friends. But while family … Read more

You Can Be a Full Time Mum and Have a Full Life

Nobody expects parenting to be as difficult as it actually turns out to be. There’s a lot to be taken care of, from making sure your children are well fed and protected to ensuring they’re always where they need to be right on time. With so much of your responsibility dedicated to other people, how … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Online Parental Controls

Internet safety has never been so important as it is today, as many hackers and fraudsters are now using very sophisticated means to get our private information from us. But it’s not just ourselves who we need to think about protecting. If your children go online and have their own smartphones and tablets, you need … Read more

Growing Up Pains: Parenting When Your Baby Is Now An Adult

If you look for parenting advice, it’s not hard to find. You can find how to soothe a crying toddler when they are teething; how to deal with a rebellious 14-year-old going through a hormonal patch; find a way to help your shy 10-year-old to socialise. There’s so much information you could waste their childhood … Read more

This One’s For Mum

Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day is looming and somewhere on the horizon we can see Mother’s Day rearing it’s head. Mother’s Day is fantastic as it really marks the end of the darker and colder months.  Daffodils are usually scattered all over the country and many other bright blooms scream of the summer ahead.  It … Read more

The Morrison Morning School Run Havoc!

The school runs in the Morrison household are frantic, fraught, flippin stressful and not much fun! If you have two children to get ready for school in the morning and you find it very stressful, multiply it by 3… The actual getting dressed is fine, they are all pretty self sufficient, Tyrus and Viggo need … Read more

Fantastically Simple Ways To Show Your Family You Love Them

It’s nice sharing time together and Christmas and during the summer holidays because we have so much time to show our loved ones how we feel. But what about the rest of the year? What simple things can we do to show our appreciation outside of the holiday season while we’re busy getting on with … Read more

Our Best and Worst! – Living with a Jude

Today I would like to introduce you all to Alice, who writes a very honest and heartwarming blog called Living with A Jude about her beautiful family, that includes her son Jude, but enough from me, over to Alice to let you know a little more… Mandi very kindly let me have some space on her … Read more