Chicks update..batch two due11th April

After our fairly successful first hatch, the children waited eagerly for the second lot to arrive, this time we had eight eggs that looked pretty good.Unlike the first hatch, I was a little more relaxed with these… I was very surprised to find on 11th April that one of the eggs was already making good … Read more

Sorry Mum Domestic Goddess is not Genetic!!

Ever since I can remember my mum has had a `thing’ about tidying up, my toys would all be placed neatly in a toy box, and if anything stood still long enough it would get hoovered or polished!!Unfortunately the clean freak streak has not been passed down to my sister and I, much to my … Read more

Chick Update

Well, it is 9 days since I put 18 eggs into our incubator, we have candled the eggs and have 8 little wrigglers! So from 18 eggs that have been through the Royal Mail system I am very happy, so are the children. We did have a slight problem, I had put the eggs in … Read more

Feeling Broody ?

No, it’s not me, in fact it isn’t anyone, much to the children’s disappointment, the chickens that is, not mum!Two years ago we had a very broody hen, so we decided to try and hatch some eggs, however for one reason and another, none of them hatched and our poor chicken became quite poorly, so … Read more

No More Holidays In Term Time!

It was announced last week that the Government are intending to ban parents from taking their children out of school for family holidays, during term time. I will put my hand up and admit I take my children out of school for family holidays, and really do not see a problem with it, we only … Read more

Happy New Year at last !

At last my internet seems to be staying connected for more than ten minutes!I guess you don’t realise how much you need something until its missing, as in the case of the internet!We have been without for a little over two weeks on and off, some days it would work, others absolutely nothing.It seems to … Read more

Preschool Visit for Eowyn aged three !

Eowyn celebrated her third birthday last Monday, so we have reached that time in her life when she is going to start preschool. Today was her first visit…… All of my children have attended the same preschool, and it did seem strange entering the building for my fifth child to start, although I have to … Read more

Never Can Say Goodbye!

Don’t worry, I am not talking about the Jackson Five/ Communards Song, and I have no intention of singing… It’s about my inability to say goodbye to my husband. I don’t mean each day that he goes to work, or Rugby, but any other time.He has gone to a conference in Bridlington today, which means … Read more