Sports Day and Fun Night!

As treasurer of my younger children’s PTA I get a little bit anxious towards the end of the year, we have paid out for quite a few things and the bank balance is looking a little sparse, towards the end of the summer term we have their annual sports day and our School Fun Night. … Read more

Very Proud Parents!

Yesterday was Parents evening for Neva and Kaide, in the eleven years that we have been attending their little village primary school we have had nothing but glowing reports from Xene, Lochlan, Neva and Kaide, today was no exception. I sometimes wonder when I am listening to their teachers if they have got my children … Read more

Back To Reality Tomorrow YUCK

This Christmas we have been very lucky, Asa managed to finish work the day before the children broke up from school and has been at home ever since.We have had some lovely family time, in fact we have only seen family members on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 27th Dec and 1st January, other than that … Read more


This year I was very lucky that Asa finished work for Christmas a day before the children broke up from school, which meant we were actually quite organised !!A tradition that we have had for many years is to take the children out for a walk on Christmas Eve afternoon, and when we return they … Read more

Two Very Proud Parents!

This week we had parents evening for Neva and Kaide.Neva is in year 5, and Kaide in Year 2. This parents evening has been the first one that we have attended as parents of a Year 5 child, because they only closed our local Middle school for children aged 9-13 last year, so until now … Read more

Happy Birthday Kaide

Today Kaide celebrates his 7th birthday, I wrote about his birth last year, you can read about it here.This year I thought that I would post some photos from his last seven years… Our second little boy who we named Kaide Ronald Peter Morrison.     Our cheeky little monkey age one, who looks extremely … Read more

When A Rugby Scrum Goes Wrong! Not for the Squeamish

Last Saturday Asa began his 16th Rugby season at Broadland-Great Yarmouth RFC, they were playing away at Fakenham, so we kissed him goodbye and told him to “catch a fly” when kaide was little he could never say “Score A Try” so it has just stuck!!The afternoon passed like any other, until I received a phonecall … Read more

School Hols Week One

A little late, but with six children at home, there never seems to be a spare minute!! This year the beginning of the holidays began very differently, as my husband Asa was actually able to have two entire weeks off from work, being in tourism we usually have to make do with a few days … Read more

Chicken Pox !

Last week I was sitting in a Preschool Committee meeting and Eowyn was being extremely grumpy and sad.Halfway through the meeting she needed the toilet, whilst helping her to adjust her skirt I noticed a rather angry looking spot….There was a big sign up saying a case of Chicken pox had been reported, so off … Read more