Barnaby and Blackbirds!

Friday afternoon Eowyn came running out of school clutching a floppy brown bear called Barnaby!! She had won Star of The Week, which included the lovely job of taking care of the Class Bear and recording in his rather large book, all about his adventures with The Morrisons!!   Her older sister Neva had been … Read more

SATS and GCSEs here we come!!

Today I dropped Neva at school a little earlier than usual, she was taking part in a Breakfast club with all of her friends, before they did their first SAT test of the week. I am quite lucky that Neva is pretty chilled about the whole thing, although being a school governor, I know how … Read more

High School, College and GCSE Options!!

2014 begins another educational chapter in the Morrison household, currently Xene is studying hard for her GCSEs, which she will be taking in just a few weeks time – how scary is that, doesn’t seem like two minutes ago I was taking my own!! After those are finished, its a LONG summer holiday and then … Read more

Eowyn Has Found A New Hobby!

This weekend Eowyn announced that she would like to go and play Rugby !She has been with Kaide a few times, and always said “when I am five, I am going to play”, but we just nodded, (Neva used to say the same) However, on Sunday morning she was up and dressed in shorts and … Read more

A Review of 2013

On Monday Asa and I took Xene, Lochi, Neva and Kaide to the cinema to watch the second part of The Hobbit trilogy We took the four of them to see part one on 2nd January 2013, which got me thinking about the last 12 months and all that has taken place. In January, Asa … Read more

Introducing Viggo…

WOW! what a completely hectic 19 days, I have no idea where the time has gone, although that might be something to do with this little one… Just after midnight on Monday 9th September I got the first contraction, literally just as I laid my head on the pillow, WHAM it happened, I leaned over … Read more

Exciting New Ventures and Wiggly Update

As you may remember I was very keen to have a homebirth in a Birthing Pool for our latest baby, nicknamed Wiggly. I was very fortunate that a lovely company called Birth Pools Online¬†had agreed to let me have one of their heated pools for the birth, which I was extremely excited about. A few … Read more

A Stroke ? I’m Only 37 !

Last weekend I had a pretty harrowing time, Friday evening Asa and I went to a Quiz night at his rugby club, it was to raise money for Charity and I ¬†thought that I had a reasonable general knowledge base. I was part of the Hashtag WAGS team and we were feeling quite confident, until … Read more