Timber Decking Inspection Tips To Follow

Timber decking is a stunning addition to any home or business’s outside area. But, it is important that the deck is properly maintained to preserve safety and longevity. Over time, timber decking may deteriorate, which can lead to it becoming unstable. This can prove costly for businesses, especially, should an accident occur. Fortunately, there is … Read more

3 Home Upgrades That Really Do Boost Value

Are you thinking about selling your property in the near future? Maybe you are simply looking for different ways to make your property more attractive and a better place to live in? No matter what applies, if you are planning on making a significant change to your property,  you need to make sure that the … Read more

5 Home Renovations That Reduce Your Energy Bill

Trying to reduce your energy bill and consumption around the home is a big concern for people these days. The threat of a huge energy bill is enough to make anybody want to cut down and when prices are on the rise, it’s more important than every to take notice of how much energy you’re … Read more

It’s Time to Check for Water in Your Oil Tank

Now that most of the snow has gone many of us are facing quite a clean-up campaign before we can really get back to normal service. Apart from clearing pathways and checking pipes and guttering, those of us with oil-fired central heating should take time to make sure no water has seeped into our externally-located … Read more

Essential Power Tools for Every Home

DIY is something pretty much every homeowner is faced with at some point. Like it or loath it, everything from furniture building to renovation and decorating can make a home better in a multitude of ways, but having the right tools to do this is essential. Quality power tools can not only make your DIY … Read more

Time to revamp the house.

We have been living in this house for 10 years now, when we first moved here we were renting, which meant we were unable to change any of the décor, fast forward 8 months, when it officially became ours and the first thing I did after completion was to rip of the very dark green … Read more

Small Ways to Spruce up your Rooms

An issue many homeowners seem to be having nowadays is slight disharmony within their living spaces. People are finding their rooms flat and not quite in concordance. Some think the cure is to tear everything out and start from scratch, however, this can be extremely costly and there are some simple steps one can take … Read more

Improving Your Home? Avoid These 8 Costly Mistakes

There are two words that belong to the vocabulary of all homeowners: Home improvement. Admittedly, these go along with household budget, DIY projects, quotes, eco-friendly, charming features and project planning, but let’s ignore these for now. When it comes down to improving your home projects, homeowners have naturally only one worry i mind: Will it … Read more