I’d love a new kitchen

Now that all the children are in education pretty much full time, I have decided that it’s time to start doing up the house. I have already promised Xene that the girl’s bedroom will be painted a different colour from the bright yellow left behind by the boys, by the time she comes home for … Read more

How to Get a Family Kitchen on a Budget

In a busy family home, the kitchen is the most important room. It’s where you’ll share breakfast as you cajole the kids into getting ready for school, where you’ll hear tales of how everyone’s day was in the evening, and where you’ll lovingly prepare endless meals for the fussiest of eaters. The Ideal Family Kitchen … Read more

7 Best Kitchen Decor Ideas

Today I have a guest post from Pinal who works at Shades of Elegance, giving us some top tips for Kitchen Decor Ideas. A Dark Kitchen Dark rooms sense little, so illuminate your dividers with an extra layer of paint in a radiant shade. If you adore your rich, dark cupboards, include diverse sorts of … Read more

KO Your Kitschy Kitchen With These Quirky Tips!

The kitchen is the hub of the home. The living room may be the place we gather to watch a boxset or two, but when we have guests over it’s the warmth of the kitchen we migrate toward for a hot drink and a gossip over a slice of cake. Kitchens are notoriously one of … Read more

When Kitchen Appliances go wrong!

As a large family, when a kitchen appliance goes wrong, without being too dramatic, it is a MAJOR catastrophe! If our washing machine breaks I end up with a small mountain of dirty clothes, especially as the teens tend to wear an outfit for about 3 hours maximum! I do at least two loads per … Read more

Is installing a Professional Kitchen A Step Too Far!!

You know the ones I mean, think Masterchef when they go and work in proper chefs kitchens, with lots of different stations for serving. I am in no way saying that my cooking is anywhere near a Masterchef (Think more mini chef) but I do love the fact that they have so much space, My kitchen … Read more