Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine Review

With a family of 9, you can imagine the amount of washing we have per week, so whenever there is mention of a new appliance for the kitchen or utility room, I get rather excited, and this occasion was no exception! Mumsnet asked us if we would like to give the Samsung QuickDrive Washing machine … Read more

THE softest bedding EVER!

Eowyn has got to the age, that, although she loves Disney Princesses and all of the girlie shows on TV, she doesn’t go public about it anymore, so she had asked if I could look for some pretty bedding that wasn’t too young and felt nice and soft! Not too much to ask for then… … Read more

Ecover Ocean Washing up liquid – So Bubbly!

I announced yesterday about an exclusive partnership between Tesco and ecological cleaning pioneer Ecover, who have has launched the Ocean Bottle – the first ever bottle made from waste plastic, fished from the ocean, you can read all about it here. I was very fortunate to be sent an Ocean Bottle (I know, some might think … Read more

Oral B Love Your Gums

I HATE teeth!! I am happy to freely admit that brushing my teeth is one of the worst experiences I go through every day. We all have something that we don’t like, mine is the sound of a toothbrush, even thinking about it now makes my entire body go cold, which is quite a difficult … Read more