Blogtober20 Day 27 Greatest Day

Pumpkin Mocha Cupcakes

Greatest Day…I had to include a Take That song, in fact you’re lucky that I only used one, I was a huge fan of them the first time round and even more so when they reunited, although I must admit I preferred them with Jason, and Gary has definitely matured the best! I thought about … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 20 Never Ever

Never Ever have I seen such funky Halloween Unicorn Cupcakes, you’re welcome…. Looking for a super fun dessert that everyone will love? Check out these awesome Unicorn Halloween Cupcakes! Not only are they festive and bright green, but there’s no denying that awesome unicorn horn! When it comes time to whip up a Halloween dessert, … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 14 Wannabe

I was thinking about going down the route of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but It was a little dull, so after a discussion with the kids last night about Halloween Costumes for this year to wear in the garden, I went with Wannabe at Halloween… Tween Halloween Costumes Halloween is … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 13 Fame

I am interested to see how everyone interprets Fame, will it be famous people or will it be a dance school type post! When I was 11 I gained distinctions in modern dance and ballroom and latin, so I can waltz and cha cha with the best of them, and obviously working as a children’s … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 12 Girls Just Want To Have Fun

If Girls Want To have Fun, then they may enjoy these tasty beverages, perfect for celebrating Halloween at home this year! 25 Halloween Cocktails To Enjoy The spooky season is just around the corner, folks! As much as we love the warm, sunny summer, we sure do love our crisp autumn mornings, sipping a cup … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 11 I Should Be So Lucky

So the title today is I should be so lucky, I had a little think and with the world the way it is today and with further announcements due that could stop more families mixing together, i have decided to give you a list of family friendly Halloween Movies to watch together now as it … Read more

Bloody Hot Chocolate

Love all things fun and spooky for Halloween? You’re going to love this tasty Bloody Hot Chocolate. But don’t let the name fool you – this drink might have a “scary” name but the only thing truly scary about it is how scary good it is!  If you’re looking for a slow sipper that will … Read more

Lucifer Cocktail

Craving a cocktail for Halloween that is only for adults? This Lucifer Cocktail is just what you need. With a little bit of spiced rum, ginger beer, and red wine, you’re going to love the simplicity and the flavor. Make certain you get your best spooky mug and have fun with this delicious Halloween cocktail. … Read more

Hocus Pocus Cocoa

Ready to make your own little brew at home that is tasty and warm for your tummy? Give this Hocus Pocus Cocoa a try. Not only does it treat your tastebuds to a wonderful taste and flavor but it’s just so fun and Halloween-focused as well. This simple cocoa recipe will have all the kids … Read more