How to Spend More Time in the Garden as a Family

Fresh air and nature are healing. They have so many health benefits from lowering stress levels to helping improve digestion, that we should all be spending far more time in our gardens if we are lucky enough to have them. If you have a garden but you don’t spend as much time out there as … Read more

How To Utilise A Huge Garden

Having a huge garden is something that all homeowners desire. However, when you have a huge garden, some people simply don’t know what to do with it or how to utilise it well.  If you have a huge garden and want to know how to utilise it, here are the best tips. Sell the land … Read more

What to Know About Bear’s Breech?

You’ve probably heard the name in gardening circles or one time when you were looking for the best home plants. The truth is that there is more to Bear’s Breech than what you may already be used to. While it does add a positive vibe to your living space, there are many other ways you … Read more

How to Make Your Pond Safe for Children

A pond makes a wonderful garden feature, but it also poses a threat to young children. Drowning is a large cause of children’s deaths, and it can happen in extremely shallow areas, so you should always be aware of your kids around any body of water. If you want to install a pond, but you … Read more

How to create a garden to please everyone

If your garden is all one space, it can be a struggle to get the most out of it.  Especially when you have a large family with differing ages and interests.  So, how do you create a space that can function well for everyone? Careful landscaping is a good solution, enabling you to create zones … Read more

How to get your Kids Involved and Invested in Gardening

Introduction There are a myriad of benefits from spending time in the garden as a family.  Time spent getting your kids involved in gardening can reap rewards when it comes to mental and physical well being and the activities that you undertake don’t need to cost a fortune.  Getting the kids involved in gardening also … Read more

Growing Vegetables From Scraps

Today we are talking about growing vegetables from scraps. Currently, the economy is down due to which the prices of essential vegetables have increased. When it comes to household groceries, something, you end up spending the maximum amount of your budget on healthy vegetables. Thus you can save a lot of your hard-earned money if … Read more

Growing Spring Vegetables In Containers

Are you considering growing vegetables in containers this year ? You’re ready to start your vegetable garden, but you are deterred by the chilly weather and hard ground. Or maybe you simply don’t have sufficient outdoor garden space. Don’t despair; there’s good news. Many vegetables are quite adaptable to containers so you can get a … Read more