#Ad Violife Vegan Cheese Review

Neva has been a vegetarian for the last 6 years, her reasons were due to the slaughtering of animals, whereas my mother in law is vegetarian as she just doesn’t like the taste of meat, so it’s sometimes a little confusing when talking to either of them about what they do and don’t like and … Read more

Do You Love Corn! #Review

Our Review of Love Corn Snacks So half term is nearly at an end, I was wondering how different it would be, or maybe the same, seeing as the children have been at home with me since Christmas. However, I have to admit it has been surprisingly relaxing this week, the children have slept in … Read more

How to Mince Garlic (6 EASY STEPS)

Garlic is like a magical food item that enhances the taste of your dish. You can garnish over your dishes for decoration as well. When it comes to peeling or mincing garlic, not everyone is familiar with the right process. Even some don’t actually know how to choose garlic which is why you can’t have … Read more

Introducing the NEW Veggie Wrap Happy Meal #ad

Last Saturday I took five of the children for a trip to our local McDonald’s, to try out their new Veggie Wrap Happy Meal which launched on 3rd January and along with a new Spicy Veggie Wrap for adults will be permanent menu additions. I have seen many comments over the past year from parents … Read more

Cake Through The Post with Bakerdays

The day before Viggo started big school (sob, sob) he turned 5, it only seems like yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital, and here we are ready for our school life to begin! Every birthday we have a major problem, my dad has spent his whole life working as a pastry … Read more

#OreoCookieQuest Challenge

Have you heard about the #OreoCookieQuest ? If you are a fan of Oreos, grab one of their promotional packs in shops at the moment with details of their Cookie Quest. Oreo is celebrating The Great Oreo Cookie Quest a fun and interactive way to win great prizes. Oreo fans also have the opportunity to win … Read more

What’s For Dinner Tonight ?

The question my children ask me every single day as soon as they come home from school! Sometimes when they wake up too is, what have we got to eat, or what’s for dinner? The truth is sometimes I don’t have a clue, I would love to say that I have an entire month’s meal … Read more

Norwich Airport McDonalds #YourNewMcDonalds

The children are huge McDonalds fans and when we are going on holiday, a trip to the golden arches usually signifies the start of the holiday! Tyrus is particularly partial to their Chicken Nuggets, and with his food issues, I always know that if he has been having a bad few days with food, a … Read more

Chocolate Bars That Are Healthy!

No, it’s not April Fools Day and I’m not trying to give you empty chocolate bar wrappers! Introducing Mars, Snickers and Bounty Chocolate Bars, but as a protein bar. The Mars Protein Bar contains 19g of protein combined with soft caramel and chocolate. The individually wrapped Mars Protein Bars can be easily slipped into any gym bag … Read more