Blogtober20 Day 3 Sweet Child O Mine

Or children, because I couldn’t possibly choose just one! So i’ve told you about me, spoken about Asa, now its the turn of the children… Our first daughter Xene is now 22 years old, she is one of the unfortunate ones that finished university during a pandemic, she was studying production design for stage and … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 2 The One I Love

Its a tricky one! I was tempted to put my beautiful newfoundland Bree, but figured i’d better put my husband Asa… Actually I combined them in the pic together! Ok, so this is Asa, we both have the same initials AJ Morrison which means we never know who the post is for, he tends to … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 1 This Is Me

Hello and Welcome to Blogtober! The first prompt is a fairly easy one ‘This Is me’ so it’s an introduction to you the person behind the blog, usually I tend to talk more about my children and husband, but this year I have purposefully put them as other prompts (Days 2 and 3 for those … Read more

Introducing Blogtober20

In 2016 I started to host Blogtober, if you’re not familiar with it, its a blogging challenge for the month of October, a post a day for 31 days, each day an amazing group of bloggers post their thoughts, feelings and day to day lives, then all link up together to show support and to … Read more