Blogtober20 Day 31 Ghostbusters

HAPPY HALLOWEEN We carved our pumpkins last night…. Xene went with a traditional type scary pumpkin (with an X in the side)   Lochlan is obviously at university so couldn’t join in with us, the other day he sent a template for Kevin the Dog from the game Overcooked that we all play as a … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 30 Never Gonna Give You Up

This one is the easiest of the month! The thing i’m never gonna give up is Rick Astley! I have been a huge fan since he first came on the scene back in the 80’s, and thanks to Rick Rolling he never gets lost in time! My children know my love of Mr Astley and … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 29 Step By Step

Another of my teenage favourites, New Kids On The Block, I went to see them in concert at Wembley arena and they were great, so today its a Step by Step Guide for time saving cleaning for busy people…. 9 Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for Extremely Busy People Despite the advances in technology, we find ourselves … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 28 Picture Of You

Well, technically I have already put up pictures of me, and the family, so here’s my daily routine so that you can picture me and get an idea of life with a big family…. On a normal school day I get up at 6.45am come downstairs and have a much needed peaceful cup of tea, … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 27 Greatest Day

Pumpkin Mocha Cupcakes

Greatest Day…I had to include a Take That song, in fact you’re lucky that I only used one, I was a huge fan of them the first time round and even more so when they reunited, although I must admit I preferred them with Jason, and Gary has definitely matured the best! I thought about … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 25 Somebody That I Used To Know

Somebody that I Used To Know – The developments over the last few days has changed my post on this entirely, the government voted not to extend the free school meals vouchers throughout the school holidays until April 2021, both Wales and Scotland had said yes, but its no surprise that our delightful government said … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 24 Back To Black

Blueberry Cheesecake Crumble

Well not technically Black as they are blueberries, but they are dark enough, and you definitely need to try these out, so good Blueberry Crumble Cheesecake If you love the taste of blueberries, don’t miss out on this simple cheesecake dish. One of the best desserts that you’ll make using blueberries just so happens to … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 23 Whenever Wherever

OK who has got that song stuck in their head already! Today is another gaming post, Viggo is loving my job right now! He thinks its SO cool that he gets to try out all of these games before they are released, although it does make things like Christmas and Birthdays difficult. But this game … Read more