London Archway Premier Inn

  I very rarely travel to London, and if I do it is usually just for the day, getting a very early train in and the last one home, so when Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too suggested that we stay over for the two days worth of events we had planned, I jumped … Read more

Why I’d Like to visit Iceland

And I don’t mean the frozen food shop, before you all think I’ve gone completely bonkers and suffering from sleep deprivation ( actually I probably am, but that’s been there for many years…) although I do love their dessert selection! As I near the big 40 I have started to think about my life so … Read more

Holiday Makers Warned of Killer Health Risks

New research reveals that millions of families are unknowingly taking risks with their lives, exposing themselves to carbon monoxide gas leaking from gas cookers, BBQs and heaters used inside their tent or caravan. Gas safety champion CORGI HomePlan is campaigning for greater awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide facing campers and caravanners as they … Read more

Magical Orlando Tag with #FloridaTixTag

I am sure you will all know by now that my five eldest children are Marvel, Disney and Harry Potter crazy. This year Neva had a Harry Potter party, Xene and her friends went dressed as Marvel characters for halloween and two days ago Eowyn had a Disney themed birthday party. When I heard that … Read more

Camping Anyone ? Asda Tents maybe

This week is Neva’s last few days at Primary School, to celebrate I have somehow been talked into letting her entire class come and camp out in my back garden!! Many of the parents have said to me, they have big family tents, but not smaller ones just for a couple of eleven year olds, … Read more

Top Five Things To Do In Derry

  If you’re planning on travelling to Northern Ireland over the coming weeks, a city that should definitely be added to your itinerary is Derry. Northern Ireland has been through a lot of turmoil over the years, but what you’ll find nowadays is a beautiful country that is rich in culture, entertainment and natural beauty. … Read more

We Saw The Dolphins!

We have just returned from a lovely week in Wales, staying in a fairly remote cottage between New Quay and Aberystwyth, it was very quiet with no phone or internet signal, which was surprisingly quite nice, although attempting to make a phonecall whilst Asa was driving along little narrow roads in our family bus was … Read more