Looking forward to Summer Evenings

With the evenings slowly starting to get lighter and hopefully warmer, the chickens are going to bed later, which means it won’t be long until we can start thinking about Garden Parties, a thing we love in the warm summer months. We are very fortunate to have a rather large garden, which does mean that … Read more

The PKTMNY experience: using and learning

We have been using the PKTMNY scheme for a few months now and it has certainly helped the children to understand more about money.Before, the boys would get their pocket money on Saturday morning and it would be gone before bedtime on Monday!!They have learnt to save (well, more than they did before!) they have … Read more

Postcards from Santa

It is getting very close to Christmas and the children are getting rather excited to say the least, we have been out Christmas Shopping for most of the day and feeling quite festive. When we returned home Neva decided to draw her picture for the `Postcards From Santa’ . Santa and the Elves spotting Dolphins in … Read more

Financial Life In The Family

With a family of eight, and only one main income into the house, we obviously need to be careful with money. I am not saying we go without, by any means, but we do keep an eye on our spending.Holidays are usually taken in the UK, in a self catering cottage or possibly a caravan, … Read more

A Reminder of Two Special Granfields xxx

This ornament wasn’t very expensive, in fact it cost me £4.99 in 1997, funny the things you remember, but it is worth a million…. At the beginning of December 1997, I was five months pregnant with Xene, we were living in our very first rented flat, waiting to move into our very own mortgaged house, … Read more

I NEED A New Pushchair!

Throughout the last fifteen years I have had MANY Prams and Pushchairs, that is because I have had six children, so there have been many different combinations that I have required, doubles, travel systems, ones able to take Buggy Boards, in fact you name it, I have probably tried it! But I know I am … Read more

Calling All Marvel Fans

Are your children Marvel Fans, like mine ?How would they like to win an exclusive Avengers Academy Day out for themselves and 10 friends ?My children would think I am the GREATEST mum in the world if they won this….. HOW WOULD YOU KEEP THE WORLD SAFE? Win! An exclusive Avengers Academy day out for … Read more

May I speak with Mrs…insert any name that telesales add!!

Fourteen Years and Still they callYou would think by now, I had heard them allBut every week, another rears its headCausing my telephone line, to go dead….I am of course talking about the wonderful world of telesales, which seems to takes up half of my telephone calls these days!Now I understand that all of these … Read more