Kids Capture The Colour #KIDSCTC

When we saw the Kids Capture The Colour challenge, Neva immediately took possession of the lovely new camera we had been sent. Everywhere we go, Neva can be found snapping away, although most of her photos contain animals!! We had a very hectic Summer Holidays this year and Neva had a hard time deciding which … Read more

Pools and Barbecues – Our #MSMbignightin

As a large family, going out for an evening is quite an expense, just as finding a babysitter so that Asa and I can go out is also expensive, before we start!!   So when MoneySupermarket challenged Bloggers to have a big night in with £50 to spend, we all sat down to discuss what … Read more

Eowyn and Tyrus Get Busy ! Kids Grow Wild

Since we moved to our Farm Cottage six years ago, the children spend many hours outdoors. One of their hobbies is gardening, they love helping daddy and mummy (when she isn’t heavily pregnant) grow fruit, vegetables and herbs and plant various flowers and shrubs throughout the garden. This year we have planted six hanging baskets, … Read more

Trying to be eco friendly.

Having such a large family, I have been met with some negative comments about over populating the planet, which is very frustrating and annoying. We do not go on long haul flights and faraway holiday destinations, most of our trips are in the UK and we certainly try not to destroy the planet! The children … Read more

What Will The Weather be Today ?

So, It is now the first week of April, on the lovely East Coast we have experienced a little bit of sunshine, some very cold and blustery winds, with some snow flurries thrown in for good measure. Wellies I am guessing we will not be seeing the heatwave of 1976, as this was the year … Read more

Looking forward to Summer Evenings

With the evenings slowly starting to get lighter and hopefully warmer, the chickens are going to bed later, which means it won’t be long until we can start thinking about Garden Parties, a thing we love in the warm summer months. We are very fortunate to have a rather large garden, which does mean that … Read more

The PKTMNY experience: using and learning

We have been using the PKTMNY scheme for a few months now and it has certainly helped the children to understand more about money.Before, the boys would get their pocket money on Saturday morning and it would be gone before bedtime on Monday!!They have learnt to save (well, more than they did before!) they have … Read more

Postcards from Santa

It is getting very close to Christmas and the children are getting rather excited to say the least, we have been out Christmas Shopping for most of the day and feeling quite festive. When we returned home Neva decided to draw her picture for the `Postcards From Santa’ . Santa and the Elves spotting Dolphins in … Read more