How Do You Unwind ?

  With seven children on the go ALL the time, I have very little time to unwind, consequently, my relaxing time doesn’t usually happen til post 11pm, and although half the time I could probably nod off right there in the chair, I try to at least have an hour socialising with Asa or we … Read more

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary

This time 15 years ago, I was at the hairdressers, with my five bridesmaids and my mum, getting ready to become Mrs Morrison, Asa had the job of taking Lochlan (aged 18 months) to the church, which he did, strapped to his back! Then back to my parents house to get ready, three small girls … Read more

When the Roads are not so flat!

The last week of the Summer Holidays saw us take a lovely trip to the Lake District, as we have a rather large people carrier, a nine seater to be precise, I always check before we go anywhere, that there is oil and water, that the breakdown number is in my phone and our Car Insurance details … Read more

Olympic athletes Celebrating #Superfans

Is it just me or do the London 2012 Olympic games seem like yesterday, I mean I have had another child since then, but I still remember watching the opening ceremony whilst on a holiday in Wales, like it was yesterday, and here we are just a few days away from the start of Rio … Read more

Lottoland Review – So many Chances to Win.

I remember like it was yesterday when the first lottery began, I had stupidly chosen six very memorable numbers for me, so I dutifully put those same six numbers of my lotto slip for many, many years and it took me a long while until I decided that enough was enough and I need to … Read more

Do You LOVE Your Work ?

It’s no surprise that I absolutely love my job, I say it often enough, who wouldn’t love being surrounded by lots of pregnant ladies and then gorgeous newborns! Thinking back on all the jobs I have had since starting work, there is only one that I HATED, and I only did two shifts and then … Read more

Printer runs out of ink – Why Does It Always Happen!

Whenever Asa has a contract deadline, or the children’s homework is due the very next day, you can guarantee the one of the ink cartridges in the printer will run out! That’s OK because I bulk order of black, cyan, magenta and yellow, surely there is the colour that has run out in the drawer, … Read more