Blogtober20 Day 10 Relax

RELAX! Easier said than done when faced with the disaster that is 2020, however these helpful tips may help you to stay calm and relax… We live in a world where we have a lot of information at our fingertips. Everything from the latest flu scare ( I refuse to mention the C word) to … Read more

5 Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair

Today i’m talking Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair. When I was a teen I had a good head of hair, I would chop and change my style from long to short, every couple of months, as it grew so quickly that I never worried if it was a bit short, and the colour changed from … Read more

Making Toothbrushing Fun

Are toothbrushing struggles making you crazy? Learn how to get your children to brush their teeth with some gentle solutions that make toothbrushing fun. If toothbrushing has become a battle, relax. You want your child’s teeth to be clean; they wants autonomy and physical comfort. A win-win solution is possible if you and your child … Read more

The Best Reusable Pads

We’re all concerned about the environment, and some of the items used regularly by many women are menstrual or maternity pads, tampons and pantyliners. It might not have occurred to you to seek out the best reusable pads out there, but in the interests of saving the planet – as well as some cold, hard … Read more

How To Have No Poo Hair

Have You Considered No Poo Hair ? Don’t worry i’m not going to tell you how to get poo out of your hair, although if you are a new mum with a breastfed baby, you may well be googling that exact sentence! I am talking about all the different ways to clean your hair without … Read more

5 Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

When a child has poor eyesight but does not yet wear glasses, they can struggle with schoolwork, miss out on noticing the amazing details of nature, experience headaches, and more. It is, therefore, important to watch for signs that they have vision problems so that you can find a solution for their wellbeing. Here are … Read more