What are the Benefits of Eating Chocolate?

Yes, you did read that headline right, there are a number of health benefits to eating chocolate. In particular: dark chocolate. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and constantly crave chocolate, you might want to consider switching up your milk or white chocolate to dark. Your body will thank you, and here’s why. Weight Loss … Read more

Causes And Treatments For An Aching Mouth

We all know just how painful toothache can be, yet there are other types of pain in the mouth, which can cause major discomfort. Of course, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, the best thing to do is make an appointment with your local dentist, who can investigate the cause.  Here are a … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 18 Some Might Say

That I Must Be Crazy For Having Such A Large Family, but I love it! It can get a little noisy and school holidays are certainly busy! Six months of having them all home wasn’t as harmonious as i’d like but hey ho! The only time the noise gets too much is if I can … Read more

Blogtober20 Day 10 Relax

RELAX! Easier said than done when faced with the disaster that is 2020, however these helpful tips may help you to stay calm and relax… We live in a world where we have a lot of information at our fingertips. Everything from the latest flu scare ( I refuse to mention the C word) to … Read more

5 Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair

Today i’m talking Natural Remedies for Thicker Hair. When I was a teen I had a good head of hair, I would chop and change my style from long to short, every couple of months, as it grew so quickly that I never worried if it was a bit short, and the colour changed from … Read more