The morning after pill: 3 common myths debunked

When it comes to the morning after pill, it can be tricky to separate fact from fiction. Myths and rumours can make it difficult to know what’s true and what’s not, leading to misunderstanding and confusion. Here are three morning after pill myths debunked. 1. It’s difficult and embarrassing to get hold of Many women … Read more

Coughs, Colds And Flu: How To Help Sick Kids

Now that we are into autumn, the weather will be getting colder. And that means only one thing. The chances of your kids falling sick are going to increase! It is important not to panic when your kids fall sick. Normally, they will just have a common cold or flu which will go after a … Read more

Time To Give Up Smoking Parents!

Thirteen years ago, just six weeks after Neva was born, my mum went for a quadruple bypass, it didn’t go according to plan, in fact they lost her on the operating table, thankfully they managed to revive her and she is still here to tell the tale! At the time the consultant recommended that she … Read more

I’m doing the Jenny Craig!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that earlier this year I made the decision to shift the baby weight, however the only thing that I did learn was that I was rubbish atdieting and exercising and I am too much of a junk food eater, so when I was given the … Read more

Mutu Week Two

Week two of the Mutusystem was all about breakfast!! I must admit that since Tyrus was born nine months ago, my usual breakfast consisted of a large Mug of Tea and 3 or 4 Plain Chocolate Digestive Biscuits…. This week I have been very good, either a breakfast muffin or a bowl of Muesli with fruit. … Read more

Mutu Begins

As you all know I have begun the 12 week Mutu System , so I threw out all junk food and read the manual, to begin Saturday….   This was probably THE hardest part, actually having a photo of myself, as I am not one for appearing in photos, but I thought this might keep me … Read more

Nine Months On, Nine Months Off

Well, that’s what they say but ITS A LIE !!!Now, don’t get me wrong, with Xene I was back in my jeans within three days, Lochie it took two weeks, Neva one month, Kaide six weeks, Eowyn three months, and finally Tyrus – well I am heavier now than at nine months pregnant, which for … Read more