I’m doing the Jenny Craig!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that earlier this year I made the decision to shift the baby weight, however the only thing that I did learn was that I was rubbish atdieting and exercising and I am too much of a junk food eater, so when I was given the … Read more

Mutu Week Two

Week two of the Mutusystem was all about breakfast!! I must admit that since Tyrus was born nine months ago, my usual breakfast consisted of a large Mug of Tea and 3 or 4 Plain Chocolate Digestive Biscuits…. This week I have been very good, either a breakfast muffin or a bowl of Muesli with fruit. … Read more

Mutu Begins

As you all know I have begun the 12 week Mutu System , so I threw out all junk food and read the manual, to begin Saturday….   This was probably THE hardest part, actually having a photo of myself, as I am not one for appearing in photos, but I thought this might keep me … Read more

Nine Months On, Nine Months Off

Well, that’s what they say but ITS A LIE !!!Now, don’t get me wrong, with Xene I was back in my jeans within three days, Lochie it took two weeks, Neva one month, Kaide six weeks, Eowyn three months, and finally Tyrus – well I am heavier now than at nine months pregnant, which for … Read more