I Have An Affinity With This Pushchair!

It has been slightly over nine months, since I took delivery of this….A Britax Affinity pushchair  Where has the time gone! This also means that my `little’ baby is closer to a year than a baby. I was already a HUGE fan of Britax before my Affinity arrived, having owned a B-Dual when Eowyn and … Read more

Baby Safe plus SHR II – A Fabulous Car Seat

The plan was to have Viggo at home, which meant that we didn’t require a Car seat straight away, but as you know from reading our birth story, this never happened, due to midwife shortages, they were unable to send anyone out for a home delivery, which meant a very fast dash to hospital, and … Read more


As you know we are HUGE fans of gNappies, Viggo only managed a few days in Tiny Gs as he was such a larger than expected baby, the smalls have been amazing, and now the news you have all been waiting for…The gJingle The Limited Edition gJingle perfectly captures the joy of the season with this vibrant … Read more

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Nappies

A few weeks back we had THE best email ever! Would you like to try Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies, now you may not think that is the best product to be asked to test, but little Viggo was having trouble finding a nappy that didn’t make his little bottom red. For the first week of his … Read more

Little Bird Told Me – Baby Bear On Board

Just before I had Viggo the lovely people at Little Bird Told Me asked if I would like to review one of their Baby On Board products. I have never had one of these in my car before, but I had always thought about getting one, but never got round to it, with seven children in … Read more