Can You Improve Your Health with the Right Cosmetic and Fragrance Choices?

Up until recently, most cosmetics and perfume adverts were focused solely on beauty. However, many people are waking up to the fact that it’s only skin-deep, and actually, it’s just as important to feel healthy as well as attractive.

As such, make-up and fragrance brands are creating products that claim to boost our health. The question is – is there any truth in it?

Can make-up make you healthier?

The negative impact of cosmetics has been well documented in the past. Using the wrong sort of make-up for your skin can cause a range of health issues; from acne breakouts to inflammation and irritant dermatitis.

But what about make-up that can offer health benefits? Although it might seem like an outlandish idea, it’s important to remember that all sorts of unexpected items can be good for your health.

Search for skincare cosmetics

Many of the leading cosmetics brands now incorporate skincare products into their make-up ranges. For example, some CC creams feature moisturisers, which actively hydrate the skin while evening out its tone.

Tinted moisturisers are another good example of a beauty product that offers health benefits. Their primary function is to add moisture to the skin (and rejuvenate the cells), but they also act as a light foundation, helping to conceal blemishes and offer a smoother overall appearance.

Read the label

The best way to find health-beneficial make-up is to read the label. Look for products that contain ingredients like Vitamin C, Copper Peptides (which stimulate the production of collagen) and Antioxidants (which protect against pollution etc.).

What about fragrance?

The benefits of perfume are more to do with mental wellbeing than physical health. Many scientific studies have proven the impact scent has on our emotions. For example, smell has the power to:

– Make us feel happy or more relaxed
– Help us to sleep
– Take us back to a particular event in the past
– Liven us up and make us feel more energetic

You can harness this power by making the right fragrance choices.

Look lively

If you’re looking for a fragrance that makes you feel awake and raring to go, seek out something with citrus or other fruits. These are well-known for being stimulating, which makes them great for wearing at work.

And relax…
Need a fragrance for relaxation? Search for a perfume that contains lavender or something indolent like ylang ylang or rose. These are very heady, intoxicating scents. Frankincense works well too.

If you like to be reminded of a holiday, for example, look for a fragrance that features tropical ingredients, like pineapple or coconut. Alternatively, to transport yourself back to the Mediterranean, search for something with citrus and herbs. It could even be a case of reminding yourself of natural surroundings, with some nature-inspired ingredients like oak or apple.

Induce some happy vibes
You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a fragrance that boosts your wellbeing. Some copy perfumes are excellent replicas, and smell just like the designer originals. Work out how you want your fragrance to make you feel, then go from there.

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