Cake Through The Post with Bakerdays

The day before Viggo started big school (sob, sob) he turned 5, it only seems like yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital, and here we are ready for our school life to begin!

Every birthday we have a major problem, my dad has spent his whole life working as a pastry and confectionery chef, which means each birthday he makes the children a spectacular birthday cake, each year they give him some new challenge (this time Viggo asked for a Jibanyan Cake from Yo-Kai Watch!) which he very lovingly makes, but very rarely gets to have any cake, as I guess when you have been making them for so long you kind of get fed up with your own cooking!!

So, when Bakerdays got in touch to ask if we would like to have a cake through the post for a special occasion, I immediately thought of Viggo’s fifth birthday, and took a look through the website to find THE perfect cake, which took a while as there were quite a few to choose from!

You can tick on categories to narrow down the choice, so we clicked on birthday cakes for boys, and found a Training Ball Cake, we chose the number 5 and added Viggo for personalisation, and we chose a chocolate cake, as that’s his favourite and then waited for it to literally drop through the post, which is exactly what it did.

A few days before Viggo’s birthday his chocolate cake dropped through letterbox, which meant this year grandad could be given another choice of cake!

The cake easily catered for 6-8 people and was a moist chocolate cake, with some very red icing, which Viggo thought was hilarious!

I was a little sceptical about it dropping onto our doormat and staying in one piece, but that’s exactly what happened! The cake is well packaged and the tin it arrives in is perfect for keeping your little one’s cake nice and safe.



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