What Do I Buy The Man in My Life for Christmas this Year ?

I can’t believe where the year has gone, and the fact that I actually have less than three weeks to get organised and get everything bought (and wrapped).

The older the children get, the harder it becomes, but that’s nothing compared to buying for Asa!

Every year his stocking is filled with socks, boxer shorts and various chocolate bars and small tools (if only men wore make-up, then I could include mascara and eyeliner, like I find in mine!) but when it comes to ‘big’ under tree presents, it seems to get harder each year…

I have started by writing down a list of his likes, which I hope will give me some inspiration!

Rugby – He still trains twice a week and plays most Saturdays, so I need to check if his rugby boots are still in good shape, a new mouthguard, because they get disgusting, although that will fit in the stocking. A new knee bandage as his is falling apart, maybe a couple of new ankle bandages (are you noticing a pattern!), every year we have an End of Season Ball and I noticed this year that is suit was looking a little old, so I could think outside the box and get him a lovely tailored suit, and a funky waistcoat and bowtie.

Maps and Travel – Asa adores maps of any kind, OS for places we have been, or places we plan to travel to in the UK, large wall maps, a few years ago I bought him a Lord of The Rings Map, I wonder if they do a Star Wars type galactic map ?


Star Wars and Middle Earth – Since he was a young boy and he went with his grandma to see the first Star wars film he has been hooked, although it is the four boys that play with the toys now (sometimes with daddy’s assistance!), and with a new film due out at Christmas, maybe a date night, well, if you count five children coming with us as a date night!


Garden and the Outdoors РHe spends as much time as possible outdoors, although it did feel a bit strange buying him garden tools the other year, but he was very pleased with them, I guess the older you get, the more practical you become, I no longer ask for a unicorn!

So, actually after writing it all down, there are quite a few different areas I can look into for presents, now I wonder if he will do the same for me….

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