Butlins Here We Come!

As you may have noticed, on my sidebar I have a lovely badge that says Butlins Ambassador, you may remember that last year we were chosen to visit Butlins in Skegness and we all had a wonderful time. You can read about it here, here and here.
Well I was absolutely amazed and delighted to learn that we had been chosen to continue carrying the Butlins Baton for 2013/14, although the constant refreshing of the twitter feed did make my heart race a little faster!! Poor Viggo must have thought he was laying next to a railway track inside my belly…

When we told the children the fantastic news, they spent twenty minutes dancing around the garden, which is a good indication that they loved it and and wanted to return.
The children would happily return to Skegness, because they had such a fab time, but Asa and I would like to see what else Butlins has to offer, so we spent a long time deliberating which of the other two parks we would go to and what type of accommodation would suit us best.

Our choices as always are occupancy lead, we need somewhere that can take 8 people plus a baby. The room only option that we had last year was great, but we found once the children had gone to bed, Asa and I were reduced to sitting on the bed in our bedroom watching TV,with only a kettle, but we also had Tyrus in a travel cot in our room, so the noise kept him awake.

Bognor has the very nice looking hotels, that do interconnecting rooms, so we could all fit

But after much deliberation, we decided that with so many children to put to bed at different times, an apartment would be the perfect choice and we opted for Minehead, as it is somewhere we have never been before, so perfect for a Tourism Consultant to explore!!

We do not enjoy huge crowds of people, although I am sure this can’t be avoided at Butlins, but we have chosen to go February Half Term, as the cold weather doesn’t bother us, in a Gold Four Bedroom apartment, but this time on the ground floor!
Something lovely to look forward to after Christmas.

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