Busy Mum on The School Run Hacks

My school run begins at 8am and i’m not usually back until 9.45, I guess that’s what comes from having so many children in lots of different establishments. My alarm goes off at 6.45am and I spend 15 minutes by myself having a cup of tea in the peace and quiet, then I have one mad hour to get everyone up, ready and out the door, so as you can imagine any kind of ‘get mum ready’ time, is not happening.

I sometimes look at the mums at school who have one child and turn up at school perfectly made up and manicured, then reality kicks in as I would rather have the extra 30 minutes in bed!!

BUT, I have been researching to see if there is any way I can make myself look a little more presentable, so, here are my top 5 tips for busy school morning hacks.

1.Dry Shampoo the night before

What a wonderful invention! As much as I would love to wallow away in a nice hot bubble bath then give myself a top to toe beauty routine, the reality is, sometimes I don’t even get a minute to shower, or wash my hair, so if, like me your best friend is a bottle of dry shampoo, apply it to your roots before you go to bed, that way it will have worked it’s magic for the next mornings school run.

2.Stock up on Large sized products to ensure there is some left

If you are anything like me, one minute there is half a bottle of shampoo, and as if by magic, the next morning you are running it under the shower head to squeeze the last drops out to give your hair a wash! Visit somewhere like Capital Hair and Beauty to stock up on giant sized products, because even the teens won’t be able to use an entire bottle in a week!

3.Embrace the messy bun

If you are like me and sometimes go more that one or two days between hair washes, you need to embrace and master ‘the messy bun’ technique, so that it resembles a super model not Miss Trunchbull (you know who I mean!) That what the other parents will think you are super stylish and on trend, when secretly you know its just a messy greasy ball, that will be dealt with later.

4. Baby Wipes clean Mum too!

If you are just about to go out the door and you realise that you haven’t even had time for a wash (I know, but it does happen) grab a baby wipe and wipe it over your face, you will feel refreshed and you will smell nice and fresh.

5. Grab yourself a Smoothie (and some Chewing Gum!)

Breakfast is the last thing on my own mind, it seems to be THE only thing on the children’s minds, so if you can’t face a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast, whizz yourself up a smoothie, not only will it keep you going on the school run, but it will put some healthy vitamins through your system. Finally, always keep a packet of chewing gum in the car, that way if you didn’t get time to brush your teeth, at least you won’t have monster breath!!

This is a collaborative post.

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