Brantano – Boots for all occasions!

With the winter looked set to stay for a while longer, Xene is super grateful for her Rocket Dog Boots from Brantano.

Not only do they look super funky, but they are very similar to wellies, meaning that she can wear them in all weathers.

The sign that a boot is comfortable is always the amount of times they have been worn, since receiving the boots, well I can honestly say she wears them pretty much anywhere and everywhere and with lots of different outfits, she has had many compliments and I know they will definitely be making their way to university with her!

They have a really good grip on the bottom and appear completely waterproof, even in this horrendous weather we have been experiencing lately on the East Coast!

The only downside is that her 13 year old sister Neva is the same size, so I have to play referee if they both want to wear them at the same time!

If you have a teenage daughter that is looking for something a little different, then these are the boots for her!

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