Blogtober20 Day 7 If I Could Turn Back Time

Ooh turning back time, that’s a tricky one, as I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and if I started to try and change things that have happened in my past, it may mean all the things that have taken place in my life may not have happened!

So I thought long and hard and there are a few things I would change but I don’t think they would alter my life in any way.

1.Not Decide To Walk Home on 26th June 1989

Our high school was a couple of miles from where we lived and it wasn’t unusual for a group of us to walk home if it was nice weather, or if we were trying to convince ourselves we were ‘runners’ however on that particular day for reasons unknown as I really have no memory of that afternoon, I decided to walk out into the face of an oncoming yellow metro, leave my knee imprints in the bumper, dent the bonnet, roll up onto the roof whilst smashing the windscreen and fall off the other side landing in the recovery position. I have no recollection of this event and I am deeply sorry to my two friends that were with me and witnessed it all, i woke up 24 hours later being transferred to the childrens ward, with a couple of cut and bruises! My mum and dad say it was the worst 24 hours of their life so I am deeply sorry and would happily turn back time and just catch the bus home that day.

2. Remember my purse in Feb 1995

My nan had suffered a stroke a few months before and she had been transferred to a nursing home, we were both very close and it was taking its toll on me,  so I went to stay with my other set of grandparents for a couple of days in London. When I was returning home I realised halfway that I had left my purse at their house in London and I had no way of paying for petrol and there was no way I would be able to make the entire journey on the petrol I had.

My lovely dad came to the rescue and drove all the way to the services to pay for my petrol, I was in such a state by that point that we went straight home, I had planned to stop off at the nursing home to see my nan on the way home but didn’t. By the time my dad and I returned home we had a telephone call to say that sadly she had passed away a short time before, so if I hadn’t forgotten my purse I may have got to spend those last few moments with her, so if I could turn the time back just once it would be on that day.

But I can’t so the very next day I went and got a tattoo of a dolphin (her favourite animal) and my belly button pierced!

So those are the only two parts of my life i’d like to turn back time on, not bad for 44 years I guess!

What about you ?


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11 thoughts on “Blogtober20 Day 7 If I Could Turn Back Time”

  1. I can imagine how scary that must have been for your parents. I totally get how you feel about not visiting your Nan that day. My Grandma had cancer and was in hospital I was working full time, and going straight to hospital to see her every day. Over the weekend I had seen her daily and the Monday my Mum rang and told me to take a day off and get some rest. At just before midnight I got a call to say she had gone.

  2. It is complicated thinking about if you change things in your past what would it change in the present.
    Eek! It must have been such a worry for your parents when you were hit by a car. It sounds like you were very lucky to come away with just some cuts and bruises.
    So sorry about your nan. x

  3. Wow both of these are crazy to think about. I am so sorry about your grandma. Not saying goodbye to a loved one honestly is the worst thing ever.

  4. Oh, I totally understand these regrets weigh heavily on your mind sometimes. I haven’t had such significant regrets, thankfully. The tattoo sounds like a wonderful symbol to remember your Nan by.


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