Blogtober20 Day 30 Never Gonna Give You Up

This one is the easiest of the month! The thing i’m never gonna give up is Rick Astley!

I have been a huge fan since he first came on the scene back in the 80’s, and thanks to Rick Rolling he never gets lost in time!

My children know my love of Mr Astley and whenever they hear one of his songs I get yelled, or the music gets turned up on the radio.

In fact, when I was 11 I was madly in love with a boy at high school 2 years older, purely for the fact that he looked like Rick! So if you’re reading James Sadler, I apologise for the unhealthy stalking!!!


Last day of Blogtober tomorrow, thankyou to all of you that have joined in even for just a day in 2020, its been a great month xxx


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