Blogtober20 Day 28 Picture Of You

Well, technically I have already put up pictures of me, and the family, so here’s my daily routine so that you can picture me and get an idea of life with a big family….

On a normal school day I get up at 6.45am come downstairs and have a much needed peaceful cup of tea, with just the dog for company, wake up all the children at 7am, madness and chaos ensues for the next hour ensuring we have everything ready and we set off on the school run at 8am, drop off the two at high school via the cafeteria entrance due to covid rules, hope that some silly person hasn’t decided to shut the door before 8.25am or its a mad dash round the front of the school, this has happened twice so far this year, and a stern word to one of the head of years hopefully means the door will actually stay open until they are due to be in school at 8.25am, not shut 10  minutes early!

Next it’s off to drop off the youngest, again due to Covid rules they are on a staggered start, but his class don’t actually go in until 8.50am not leaving me enough time for the next drop off, so they have kindly agreed that he can get into his year 2 class between 8.30am and 8.40am, which has definitely made my life easier!

Onto school 3, and they can be dropped off anytime between 8.45am and 9.05, Tyrus used to be the one I dreaded going into school but thankfully since starting at his new school he has been going in much easier and happier.

Three days out of five its then onto the sixth form college to take Neva in, we live in a rural village which only has one bus per hour so its not possible for her yo get public transport, so the mum taxi is the preferred method of transport!

I finally get home about 9.30am and begin a mix of work and household chores, as well as occupying the giant dog and depending on if Xene is heading off to volunteer in Great Yarmouth, they are now on winter opening, so thats 11am, which we have started to tie in with walking Bree along the seafront, as it gives all three of us some exercise and she is pretty popular along her walks and gets lots of attention and fuss.

After i’ve dropped her off, Bree has a long snooze, giving me some more time to get on with work, stop to have lunch with Asa (if he’s not on one of his endless video calls) then work until 2.15pm when it starts all over again, (unless Xene is in Yarmouth and then I usually collect her about 2pm) apart from its a slightly different order of picking up high school at 2.35pm, then to Tyrus at 3pm, followed by Viggo at 3.20pm and then Neva at 3.40pm, I have so far only headed towards the wrong school once, although I am sure it will happen again!

Then back home by 4pm, and the evening chaos begins with homework, dinner, dog walk, the occasional argument about who’s job it is to unstack the dishwasher (the usual household stuff) and finally when they are all in bed Asa and I sit down to watch a TV show or maybe a film if its before 10pm, bed at midnight and then the whole thing begins again….

Which is why I always enjoy school holidays so much…..


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6 thoughts on “Blogtober20 Day 28 Picture Of You”

  1. Phew, it’s a nightmare doing the school run isn’t it. I’m kinda glad it’s no longer my job. I used to be able to walk my three to their primary school (and my older two when they were at school.) Now it’s my husband’s job…daughter to work at 7.20 am. She used to go by bus but we are not risking public transport at the moment. Then it’s taking the youngest to school. Not so bad, he’s home before 9am. The girls are on a reduced timetable so don’t go in until 1.30pm. So it’s the afternoons that get tricky, girls up at 2.50, Little Man at 3.15pm and eldest daughter at 5pm (unless she has to do overtime.) I gave up driving when I had to learn how to drive with my hands only. I got the hang of it, but it seemed like so much hard work and I missed driving normally so much.


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