#Blogtober18 Day 8 Hearing Them Read #librariesweek

So here we are at day 8, Hearing them read to celebrate #Librariesweek.

When I was young I used to love visiting the library and getting out as many books as I could and trying to get them all read within the 3 week loan period! I was still using the library when I was pregnant with Xene and I remember coming out loaded up with pregnancy books and our downstairs neighbour saw me coming through the door, it was a bit of a giveaway!

Nowadays knowledge is literally at the tip of our fingers, no more trawling through giant encyclopaedias for homework answers, just ask your old friend google!

Asa is a great fan of Readly and loves to read through all the latest magazines that have been published that month, Xene is still very much a book lover, whereas Neva reads most of her books on the kindle or ipad, The boys all enjoy reading books, but not as much as the girls! Our house is full of bookcases for all different ages and genres, so there is always plenty to read.

I am one of those people that loves reading but it literally takes over my life, I get so engrossed in a book that I could happily forget about everything and everyone around me to get to the end of the book, which isn’t great when you have seven children requiring dinner! So I have to be very disciplined about the time I set aside for reading!

Now that Viggo is in full-time school I may get a little free time to read a couple of chapters, I hope.

The youngest two have new reading books most nights, and we read them together. Although I am dreadful at remembering to write it in their reading record, but the teacher at the last parents evening, said she would rather I forgot to write it in and had done the reading with them, than wrote that we had read every single evening but actually never had!

Currently I am looking for some new reading material, I love funny and romance, a thriller or a detective story, but not keen on horror, so let me have your suggestions?


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8 thoughts on “#Blogtober18 Day 8 Hearing Them Read #librariesweek”

  1. I’m a complete book addict too. Once I start one, everything else gets abandoned! I read Clawed by Cecelia Ahern earlier this year, and literally did nothing else for 24 hours than read that book.

  2. I dream of a house with a million book cases, alas… space doesn’t permit it here! Syd has several in her bedroom, but my books are all on my kindle and in the attic these days – much to my dismay!

  3. Our house is stuffed full of books and we’re all book lovers except for my son. He used to love reading but then the computer took over!
    I do a book review every week and I’m taking part in the Goodreads 2018 reading challenge 🙂

  4. Since discovering audio books I find I can get on with other mindless jobs while continuing with my story, but I think it’s taken over even more of my life!

  5. I wrote an A-Z of books I’d recommend for this prompt. I used to read a heck of a lot of books before my youngest was born, but now he is sleeping through I am getting back into it slowly. I only read for about half an hour a night now instead of an hour to two

  6. Unfortunately blog reading seems to have taken over from book reading, but I’ve always loved reading books. These days I have to make a very conscious effort to make some time for reading books, but everything else in my life seems to take priority for my time! #blogtober18


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