#Blogtober18 Day 23 Wishlist For The Future

Day 23 Is Wishlist For The Future
Its so hard to think about the future, because that means all of the children growing up and becoming adults, which is a very scary thought!
Although Xene is already at university and Lochlan is just applying, Neva is just about to go to college, its still seems like such a long time until Viggo will be making those steps as he has only just started in reception!
We are still no further forward with Tyrus and his education choices, so much of my time is taken up second guessing what will happen, and how I will deal with it.
But the one thing I do know is that I want all of my children to be happy, and to be doing a job they love and enjoy is far more important than the money they make, yes they need enough money to live, but I have heard too many people who spend their entire working lives moaning and complaining about their boss and their job and how they are only doing it for the pay packet at the end of the month, which must be an awful way to live, looking back on all the jobs I have had, I don’t think there is one that I haven’t loved and enjoyed, and Asa is the same.
I’d like all seven children to stay in contact and visit me often! A couple of grandchildren would be lovely (eventually, i’m not in any hurry) and if one of the seven feels like becoming rich and famous, i’m not going to complain, so long as they remember all the times i’ve helped them out whilst growing up!!
Looking forward to reading everyone else’s wishlists.


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