#Blogtober18 Day 14 Never Doing That Again!

Day 14 is entitled Never doing that again….
I left this one very broad as I didn’t want to interrupt any or your creative flow (plus it was the first N that came to mind!)
So I had a long think and here are my top 5 things i’ll never be doing again
1. Not tipping a tin of treacle over someones head!
For those of you who have joined in before you will already know about the time a girl was bullying me and I had enough so I waited until we got off the school bus at the top of a very large hill and then tipped an entire tin of black treacle over the girl, not my finest moment, but it stopped the bullying!
2. Not booking a trip to Disneyland Paris without checking the Eurostar booking!
For my 40th birthday we took a trip to Disneyland Paris, but because of the amount of us we had to make two separate bookings and link them together, which was fine for our interconnecting room, but apparently the Eurostar booking isn’t so sophisticated and half of us ended up in business class on the way there, the other in a family carriage, on the way back it was a very cool double decker train, but half were upstairs and half downstairs, so I will always check my bookings from now on.
3. Never taking a baby change bag out with me again
This one had me a little sad because now that Viggo is 5, I no longer need to take a baby change bag with us when we go out, although I still have a packet of baby wipes in my handbag (who could live without them!), and I have to admit my Mia Tui change bag doubles up pretty nicely as a large handbag when I need to take my dslr camera with me!
4. Not booking a last minute honeymoon
Another travel disaster! We got married 22nd September 2001, which was only 11 days after the dreadful twin towers disaster, nobody at the time knew where and if you were able to travel, I did think at one point we wouldn’t be going away, but we got a last minute deal on a lovely sounding hotel in Gran Canaria, we arrived in the early hours of the morning (flight delay) and as we entered the room we were met with an army of cockroaches! We wewre moved pretty quickly to another room and the place was lovely, however two nights later Asa woke in the middle of the night to the sound of someone trying to break into our room via the window above where Xene aged 3 was sleeping! Thankfully the size of Asa scared the man away, buy we then couldn’t stay in the hotel, so we were transported to another one which was full of people on an all inclusive holiday that obviously spent their entire day drinking, needless to say its not a holiday I will ever forget, but not for the right reasons, although i’m not planning on getting married again anytime soon, so another honeymoon won’t be required!
and finally
5. Not giving birth again or having sleepless nights due to a baby
You notice I said not having sleepless nights due to a baby because I am sure there will be sleepless nights due to the stress or worry of one of the children, or waiting up until they get home safe, but for us, the entire baby stage and giving birth is now behind us, part of me feels slightly sad, because I do actually enjoy giving birth (I know weird right) and the whole baby, breastfeeding, sleepless night stage has been part of my life for so long, that sometimes I look at my children all growing up and I get a little pang for that newborn stage, but these days it quickly passes as each of them are at different stages of their life and I am so proud to be sharing that with each and every one of them, and I know that it is the right decision.
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6 thoughts on “#Blogtober18 Day 14 Never Doing That Again!”

  1. hehehe! I do remember the story about you tipping treacle over a girls head. It still made me chuckle.
    Ahh! I don’t miss taking a changing bag out with me. I still end up carrying so much of my girls rubbish with me though.


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