#Blogtober16 Day 18 Zodiac Sign and does it fit ?


Star signs! Well I am an Aries, so I googled Aries personality and here is what it says, their strengths are:

Independent, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic and Courageous

However their weaknesses are :

Moody, Short tempered, Self-involved, Impulsive and Impatient

Well, both Asa and I are Aries, along with Neva and Lochlan so you can imagine our house is pretty lively!

Am I like the sign it describes above ?

I am pretty independent, although since being a mum, I very rarely do things on my own, but I don’t think that’s anything to do with independence, just that someone needs me. I have always been generous, I love buying gifts for people and spend hours choosing the right thing. I think I am pretty optimistic, if there is any kind of problem, I always try to find the positive in everything, though sometimes I try too hard to prove that someone is truly good and kind, when actually they just aren’t! I am enthusiastic and I would say courageous, but again sometimes that is just being a protective mother.

I can definitely be moody (who isn’t sometimes) but i’m not very short-tempered, having seven children you do need quite a bit of patience, so those two aren’t that true, I am most definitely impulsive, I don’t want to think of the impulse buys and ideas I have had over the years, I mean, it’s not like I left my job and my house and moved five hours away, just to follow my heart! (that one worked out ok though), i’m definitely not self-involved, if anything I tend to put everyone else before myself.

So there we have it, a brief overview of my life as an Aries, what about you ?

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  1. Do you get the feeling that you can always pick some bits that you identify with. I think having 3 kids has taught me so much about patients – by 7 kids you must be a saint!


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