#Blogtober16 Day 17 Favourite Concert You Have Attended

 I have been to quite a few concerts over the years, but they were all special in their own way, so I would say they were all favourites at the time.

My first was when I was 12 I went with my dad, sister and neighbours Joanne and Andrew to see Bros at Wembley Arena, it was ace I had my ripped jeans and my DMs with Grolsch bottle tops on, we bopped away to Drop The Boy and When will I be famous, so you can imagine my delight when it was announced last week that the Goss brothers are reuniting!


A few years later, good old dad took me to see New Kids on The Block, again at Wembley, I sang my heart out to Hanging Tough and The Right Stuff, another epic performance.


I went to see the Chippendales (does that class as a concert ?) with my mum and auntie at Sheffield Arena, it was a great night!

When I was a little older I worked at a leisure centre that had a large function room, so I served behind the bar at a Let Loose concert and we also had the National Lottery live with special guests Boyzone, so I mingled with the boys and their families,for the entire day which was a bit bizarre!

I attended a few Radio One roadshows and Pop on The Beaches, I loved those because there were always loads of different acts, to suit everyone’s tastes.

Thinking about it though, probably my favourite of all, was when Take That announced they were reuniting, my best friend Liz and I joined a coach full of excitable women, of varying ages and we headed off to Wembley, it was amazing, it was the show where they walked along a bridge right out into the audience, we had amazing seats right next to the bridge, but being a sensible grown up,  I allowed the young screaming girls to go in front of me and touch Mark and Jason!


I love the atmosphere of it all, so i’m not sure what my next one will be,but there will definitely be more in the future, so tell me what’s your favourite concert ?

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