#Blogtober16 Day 12 Whats In My Handbag

OK Handbags everyone!

Well, when I am just nipping out on the school run I take this one


Which has my mobile phone, my purse, a trolley token, one pen and any receipts I haven’t cleared out from the previous weeks!

But if I am going out properly, I use this one


It used to be my change bag for the two boys, but it is so handy for a handbag, I can fit everything in! (including my dslr camera if I am out and about)

This one has approx 10 pens, a packet of tissues, packet of wet wipes, a lip balm, mine and Asa’s business cards (you never know who you may meet!), the purse I have transferred from my little bag, another month’s worth of receipts, a bottle of drink (usually a bottle of pepsi) a small packet of sweets/mints, notebook and pen, diary, battery pack, phone charger, plasters, antiseptic wipes, another trolley token.

As it is actually a change bag, it has a bottle holder and a little clip for my keys, as well as pen holders (not enough for 10, but still) and a couple of pockets on the sides, so it really is like Mary Poppins bag! if I am out with the boys then it also holds a kindle, leap pad and an ipad mini!

So, that’s whats in my handbag, what about yours ?

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8 thoughts on “#Blogtober16 Day 12 Whats In My Handbag”

  1. Wow, your bag is really full, mine looks quite empty in comparison. Of course if we got out for the day with the kids I have to take a bigger one like yours, mine’s a messenger bag and I can fit my walking sticks in if I fold them up.

  2. Oh I love that change bag! I just have the one thats white small but I usually share my stuff between it and Spikes bag, when she’s older and I don’t take the buggy out I’ll probably invest in something bigger that can fit both our things in!


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