#Blogtober16 Day 11 Your Favourite Animal

 I have probably already given you a little clue about my favourite animal, in my lottery post, and the fact that my daughter’s name Eowyn means lover of these animals, ( I am hoping she will follow in my footsteps) they are of course…


I started horse riding when I was nine, and ever since I have been hooked, when I was 11 I shared ownership of a lovely Welsh Pony named Taff, I don’t have any photos at my house, they are probably still in my parents attic, he was fabulous and I loved him to bits, unfortunately when my parents moved, because we shared ownership with some friends of ours, I had to leave him behind, which I was devastated about.

Whilst in Yorkshire I used to go riding every Saturday, and it was the time I most looked forward to every week, I am only 5ft 2, but that didn’t stop me riding THE biggest horses, some of them were 6 feet just to their shoulder, I used to use a set of steps to climb onto them, and the feistier they were the better the lesson, if they ever had a troublesome horse, they knew I would happily ride them, when others would refuse.

When I was in my last year of High school I used to volunteer at the local RDA, it was my perfect Saturday job, mucking out horses and then getting to have a ride at the end of the day as “payment”

I’m not quite sure what kind of animals everyone else may have chosen, maybe they thought of an animal that was slightly more unusual, so if I had to choose one that I probably couldn’t keep as a pet (unless I owned a zoo) it would have to be


I love giraffes too, they are the first animal I head for whenever we visit Africa Alive or Banham Zoo, they are so beautiful and majestic.

So there you have it my two favourite animals.

What about you ?

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11 thoughts on “#Blogtober16 Day 11 Your Favourite Animal”

  1. Horses are my favourite too! And giraffes are my daughter’:s. Made me giggle so much when I realised we’d written about the same animals!

  2. I’ve only been on a horse once and if I’m honest it really scared me. They are beautiful animals though, as are giraffes, such gorgeous eyes. My animal is very similar to a horse but I’ve never rode one.

  3. Gosh you sound brave riding the big and feisty horses! I have done a tiny bit of pony trekking but I feel totally not in my comfort zone and would happily plod along slowly! It would be lovely if you daughter follows in your horse loving foot steps.

  4. Good on you for having volunteered for RDA. The lady I work for is a client of RDA and it is amazing! Such an incredible organisation, it’s the highlight of her week.


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