Bizu Review – A Christmas Must

Neva with the Bizu !

The lovely people at Blog Match and Spinmaster gave us the amazing opportunity to review the fantastic Bizu.
And it certainly didn’t disappoint!
It says that it is from 6+ years and this was the perfect thing for Neva aged 8 to have, although her older sister aged 13 enjoyed making them too!

TheStyle Studio was very easy to assemble and the pieces fitted in quite easily, the only problem Neva had was deciding which charms went in which compartment. The Kit comes with four different animals to make, although there is room for many more.
The Bizu Beading Tool fits in the top of the Style Dial, and allows you to twist the unit and the pieces that you require drop to the bottom of the base.
Please ensure you collect all of the pieces to make the bracelet before you remove the Beading Tool from the top, otherwise it is quite tricky to get the pieces! (We discovered this the first attempt…)
Each bracelet requires 1 head, 1 charm, 1 torso, 4 legs, 1 tail and 1 clasp/elastic.
It is extremely clever the way the tool fixes to the elastic and allows the pieces to be threaded on.

The bracelets by themselves look great and Eowyn our toddler was most impressed. But that wasn’t the clever part, that comes next…
Unclasp the bracelet, so that it is one long line, fold the head towards the body and twist the legs three times, next fold the tail towards the body and twist the legs three times, and you will have ….

A super duper cute little pet.
This set is perfect for little girls like Neva, that love jewellery and adore animals. I think this will definitely be on lots of little girls’ Christmas Lists, and I am sure Neva will request extra sets to expand her collection.
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