BIC Kids – The perfect Art and Craft Product.

All of the children LOVE stationery, from Viggo aged 3 who adores crayons, right the way through to Xene aged 19 who is about to embark on a career in product design.

So when we were asked if we would like to give BIC Kids a try, they couldn’t resist.

We were asked to test BIC KIDS Kid Couleur felt pens, BIC KIDS Evolutions colouring pencils and BIC KIDS Plastidecor crayons.

At present Tyrus is struggling with Mark Making, so I am hoping that having these just scattered around the house with pieces of paper it will encourage him to pick them up and begin showing an interest, however he has not yet reached that stage and is only just adjusting to not being in school.

Eowyn has been giving them a good test run (whilst having a snack and listening to music!) She says that they are easy to use and she loved all three types, but her most favourites were the crayons, as they don’t have any annoying paper to get in the way and smooth easily on the paper.

Currently Mumsnet and BIC KIDS are running a competition to celebrates kids creativity. Ten lucky winners will have their artwork displayed on billboards across the nation. Entry is simple…take a picture of your child’s artwork and upload it to the Mumsnet discussion page by Sunday 6th August.

Here is Eowyns entry


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