Best Ways to Detox and Eat Healthy After the Holidays

The holidays are best known as that time of the year where you eat far more food than you usually do. This period is almost exclusively set in the middle of winter when your body is craving for more energy sources to keep you warm. Due to cold weather conditions, you might find it hard to keep up with your regular exercise routine – or you just might be lazy. Getting back in shape and reviving your body from the fierce holiday overeating mania can be tough, especially if you haven’t been working out and eating healthy before the holidays. Luckily, there are ingenious tricks that can help you detox in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the ultimate detoxication.

Step 1: Stop eating unhealthy carbohydrates

You can’t imagine holidays without carbs. So many different cakes, cookies and doughnuts, all of them homemade, just waiting on the table patiently for you to devour them. If you can’t resist this temptation, it’s okay to let yourself go for a couple of days of the year, but you should know that sugar can be addictive. Once you start eating it more than usual, it’s going to become very difficult to stop. So, try maintaining a medium sugary food intake throughout the holidays so that you don’t get the sugar rush addiction.
Instead of simple carbs found in sugary goods, try consuming more complex carbs that can be found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain food. Complex carbs give you more energy since it takes your body more time to digest them. The most important thing is to find quality and healthy food that can be a great replacement for the unhealthy foods you love. You can discover different programs that can help you plan healthy and balanced meals, and there are also services that deliver homemade healthy meals to your home. We all know it’s hard to choose a plain banana instead of a tasty chocolate brownie, but be sure that this is just a matter of habit.

Step 2: Instead, eat whole grain, fruits or seeds

Whole grain food is an excellent substitute for sweets. Oatmeal, cacao cornflakes and chia pudding are just some of the tasty easy-to-make delicacies that can serve as a healthy meal. Whole grains help the digestive system work well and are excellent detox ingredients that help your metabolism get back on track. Eating heavily during the holidays slows down your metabolic system, which is why you should incorporate as many whole grains as you can, distributed via four of five meals a day.
The trick is not to eat too much at once, and not to wait until you’re starving to have the next meal. If you have a problem with overeating, try eating as slowly as you can. Never spend less than 15 minutes on a meal because this is how long it takes your brain to receive the information that your stomach is full. Chewing food at least 30 times a bite can help as well since food digestion starts in the mouth, so the more you prepare it for the stomach, the faster your metabolism can work out the rest.

Step 3: Upgrade your water intake

We tend to forget that food is not the only caloric and unhealthy substance we take in during the holidays. A vast amount of intoxicating ingredients can be found in drinks, with soda and coloured juices being the worst. On the other hand, one of the best things you can do while you detox is to replace everything you drink with water.
Not only does water give you more natural energy and a healthier glow, but it also treats headaches, relieves constipation and helps with weight loss. Once you get used to the idea of drinking a glass of water instead of a cup of coffee when you are tired, you will see the benefits of the simple, yet miraculous water.

Step 4: Get out of the house

If you wish to detox yourself as soon as possible, you need to be in the fresh air. Walking can be a challenging exercise on its own, but the sooner you hit the gym – the better. Changing your diet won’t do you much unless you release the toxin from your body through sweating. When your body releases sweat, it lets out all the unhealthy substances such as alcohol, cholesterol, and salt, that were stashed under your skin during winter. You can say goodbye to those awful greasy pimples after a couple of good, sweaty workouts.
Remember that these changes are hard to achieve in a short notice. During the first couple of days, concentrate on making a plan that you can easily stick to, that won’t be too demanding and make you want to give up. Once you start the detox period, you can easily turn it into a completely healthy lifestyle with just a little more effort.

Stella van Lane is a mom and a passionate writer in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design.

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