Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Granny Flat Designs

A granny flat is a self-contained home, or an apartment usually located in the premises of a house. It is called granny flat because it is generally used to accommodate old age members of the family. It is a multigenerational house which is more accepted and has become more prevalent. Granny flats offer greater security as being another tenant on your property.

Designing a full-size home is always a challenging task because you have to make sure that every little space is equally stylish and functional. Building or designing a granny flat is also full of constraints because here you are not starting with an empty lot. Despite all challenges and constraints, the granny flat designs are able to create a truly wonderful space that feels like home.

Guide to own a beautiful Granny flat:

1. Ventilation and exposure to light

Your granny flat designs must have maximum windows and ventilators so that it brings in sunlight and air to make you feel happy and fresh. Install windows in proper places of your house from where you can get maximum sunlight and air to pass through your home.

2. Maximizing the height of the ceiling

One of the innovative ideas for enriching the look of your granny flats is maximizing the height of the ceiling. The ceiling should be up to 15 feet without impacting your square footage. This will make your space look bigger and more voluminous. You can also explore an arched shaped roof if possible. In fact, there are many ways to make a small space seem much bigger than it really is, and these can be ideal for use in granny flats. Read more here and really make the most of the space you have.

3. It should be spacious with long views

Granny flat designs with long view sites appear to be more spacious even in smaller spaces. So, it is better not to avoid constructing stairwell walls and door which will block the views. You should also avoid placing furniture and clutter in those spaces, or if you want to do than establish passageways between your furnishings.

4. Proper Storage capacity

Before designing a granny flat, you should first consider all your belongingness that you are going to place. Storage is an important factor that can impact the overall look of your home. Store all the things in a proper manner without hampering the available spaces so that you can have easy access to your stuff.

5. Right colour and style

Choose the right type of colour for your granny flats which can make you feel positive and fresh. You can think of a colour according to the space you have. For bigger space, you can go for bright colours and for smaller areas you can choose soft tones to make space feel bigger.

Designing a granny flat in a creative and innovative manner will also benefit you in your future, for instance:

• It will keep your family close to you. Large families require a large space to live. With the help of a granny flat, all the family members can stay together in the same premises.
• It will also help you to accommodate your guests. Sometimes there is a scarcity of space and beds when you have guests in your house. Choosing appropriate granny flat designs will not only help the elder ones to stay comfortably but it will also help the guests.
• Choosing the appropriate granny flat designs can also help you to turn the granny flat into your office or a commercial studio.
• It will increase the value of your house and the property.

Therefore, designing a granny flat will be a compact living solution built on your own property. Convert your home into a granny flat by choosing from a standard range of granny flat designs to bring your dream to life.



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  • Sarah Stockley

    June 17, 2019 at 9:02 am

    My husband’s nan had a little annexe built onto the side of his parents house. It was perfect for her, all on one floor and just enough space for what she needed, she also had direct access to the garden too. Options like these are perfect.

  • Sarah Dee

    June 17, 2019 at 9:07 am

    I think it is a great idea if you can and have the space to have an elderly relative be able to live on your property. It gives them that extra bit of peace of mind and company that they love.

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