Blogtober20 Day 4 Into The Groove

I am sure some of you will go with music prompts for this one, but as I have pretty much shown you my love of Cheesy Pop tunes with my 31 song choices, I am going to share something that helps me get into the groove, every single day, and that my lovelies is a Planner!!

With four different schools/colleges to visit every morning, uni holiday dates to keep up with and nine peoples lives and appointments/meetings I think I would go crazy without a planner, so I have been checking some out ready for 2021.

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Best Family Planner For Mums

The perfect family planner is readily available for families of all sizes to stay organised and follow a schedule with ease. Check out this list of the top 10 family planners to get as a gift for anyone a family of their own.

Planner Family Planner Easy to Use Rating Price
Amy Knapp Family Organizer Yes Yes 9.5 $
Wells Street Planner Yes Yes 10 $
Legend Planner Yes Yes 9.5 $$
Mom’s Family Desk Planner Yes Yes 10 $
Bliss Collections Daily Planning Yes Yes 9 $
Peace of Mind Planner Yes Yes 10 $
Busy Family Planner Yes Yes 9.5 $
Post It Weekly Planner Yes Yes 9 $
Clever Fox Planner Yes Yes 9.5 $$$
WallDeca Dry Erase Planner Yes Yes 9 $$


#1. Amy Knap’s Family Organizer


For a best-selling option that contains everything a person could want in a family organiser, the Amy Knap’s Family Organizer is a great selection. It consists of monthly calendars, list space for groceries and other important details, and colourful stickers to use. There are also a lot of inspirational and unique quotes found inside this organizer, making it a great option for anyone with a hectic schedule that would like to stay organized and on top of things.

#2. Wells Street by Lang Family Plan-It Planner


The Wells-Street by Lang Family Plan-It Planner is another great family planner to purchase as a gift. It consists of 17 months, comes equipped with tabbed pages, and has pockets attached to it that individuals can use for coupons, notes, and other essentials.

It is a lightweight planner composed of quality materials that parents can use to keep track of important activities, exams, schedule changes, and much more.

#3. Legend Planner Deluxe Planner


When looking for a beautiful hardcover planner, the Legend Planner Deluxe Planner is worth purchasing. It is available in many beautiful colours, including red, pink, and blue.

Aside from its colour options, the planner contains colourful bookmarks to use when keeping track of different pages, dozens of blank pages for jotting down notes, and stickers to use to make notes even more exciting.

The journal has an inner pocket and is bleed resistant, so it is possible to use markers, gel pens, and highlighters on the pages.

#4. Mom’s Family Desk Planner 2021


The Mom’s Family Desk Planner 2021 provides a cute and simple way to keep things organized. The planner has weekly grids inside, a vital necessities list option, and assorted stickers to use.

Stickers are available for weddings, practices, half days, parties, and more. Anyone who uses this planner will have an easy time keeping track of what is going on each day throughout the month. And, the fun stickers make the planner something that the children like to look at and use, too.

#5. Bliss Collections Daily Planner


For those looking to become more productive in general, the Bliss Collections Daily Planner is a simple yet high-quality option that makes it possible for them to do so. The planner comes with 50 sheets, meal planning sections, to-do list sections, and daily schedule sections that allow users to keep track of what they need to do in a specific order.

There is even a water intake tracker included in this daily planner, which is great for anyone who is trying to hold themselves accountable for consuming more water.

#6. Peace of Mind Planner


Busy parents and adults in general can use the Peace of Mind Planner to help them keep track of important dates and schedules they might need to follow. The planner has a hard cover to keep it protected.

The inner pages are perfect to use for jotting down important medical-related details, special arrangements, and more. It is a planner that keeps confidential and important information in one spot.

#7. Busy Family Planner

 Best Family Planner

When searching for a kid-friendly planner with cute animations, the Busy Family Planner is a great choice. It has a magnetic hanger attached to it to make it easy for users to hang it on the fridge, and it comes with a pocket for storage of prescriptions, receipts, coupons, and more.

The planner has a grid inside of it that is perfect for keeping track of appointments and any other crucial dates and times for different things, such as work, school, and extracurricular activities. The planner even comes with an 18-month calendar.

#8. Post-It Weekly Planner


The Post-It brand has made quite a name for itself over the years. Millions of people use these sticky notes for all types of reasons, but now the company offers a Post-It Weekly Planner to encourage organization even more.

The planner provides 26 weeks of planning pages, multiple sticky note pads, and a large calendar to use on a week by week basis. The sticky pad notes come in different colours, allowing users to coordinate their activities by colour for organizational purposes.

#9. Clever Fox Planner Pro


Increasing productivity rates has neve been easier with a planner like the Clever Fox Planner Pro. The planner comes in more than a dozen different colours, has an inner pocket for quick and easy storage of pencils and other items, and offers six sheets full of different stickers to use throughout the different pages.

There is a daily priority list, month overview, and even a habit tracker inside the planner. The concept of this planner is much more modern than some other options, which is great for those who prefer something a bit different than the classic appearance of a planner.

#10. WallDeca Erasable Weekly Planner


For a simple planner that everyone in the house can view each day, the WallDeca Erasable Weekly Planner is a great buy. The dry-erase board has a magnetic back to fit perfectly on the fridge without sliding down. It comes with four separate dry-erase markers in different colours to keep the planner more organized with different activities and appointments.

It is large enough for both adults and children to easily see what is written down on each day. The planner also comes with a mini eraser for when it is time to wipe activities and lists away and replace them with stuff that needs to get done the following week.

Family planners come in handy for staying organised and keeping things in order. When giving a family planner as a gift, you will have plenty of options available to you, including these ten different planners. Each planner has its own unique features to offer, but they all serve an important purpose, and that is to help people stay productive and organized.

Do you use a planner, or maybe an online calendar to stay organised ?


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11 thoughts on “Blogtober20 Day 4 Into The Groove”

  1. I love how you’ve gone for planning for today’s prompt, I’ve done the same, only meal planning. Looking forward to seeing what others come up with now…oh and definitely going to check out your planners.

  2. These planners sound great! I’m not a planner person at all and constantly forget to put appointments on the calendar. Thankfully, I tend to remember them, as I don’t have too many.

  3. confession: I don’t use a planner! I use the calendar on my phone / MacBook. I’ve owned dozens of diaries / organisers / Filofaxes / planners over the years, but I just can’t stick to them! #blogtober
    ALSO: Guess why scheduled her day 4 post for 5/10 not 4/10 LOL!

  4. These are FAB planners. I don’t know if you’ll remember them… but Stick to Stigu were my favourite planners ever. I’m so sad they stopped making them. We now opt for a BusyB one. They are so simple – I don’t know what I’d do without one now. #Blogtober20


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