The Best Electric Breast Pump

Best Electric Breast Pump

There are many reasons that a new mum chooses to use a breast pump, from topping up a new baby’s feed, going back to work, or just having a break away from baby and needing someone else to feed them, if you are unsure which to choose, here are our top suggetsions.

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When planning to breastfeed your little one, there may come a time where you would like to have a bit of a break. It is normal and perfectly acceptable to want to have someone else handle the feeding from time to time.

When you want to step out or simply relax, it helps to have some pre-pumped breast milk available for the other parent, a grandparent, or even an older sibling to give to the baby. An electric breast pump makes this possible and even simplified the process of collecting breast milk for your little one.

You might feel slightly overwhelmed when seeing the number of electric breast pumps that are available for women to use. While there are dozens of unique options available, we have composed a list of the best electric breast pumps to use based on various factors, all of which will make your life a bit easier.

Why Does It Make Sense to Buy an Electric Breast Pump?

If you are pumping instead of exclusively providing breast milk directly from your nipple to the baby’s mouth, you will have more time to get things done and more time for yourself. New mums often feel overwhelmed and stressed with all the tasks they need to complete after just giving birth.

Being a new mum is a challenge, and it can take a bit of a toll on you. However, if you are pumping your milk, you will have that opportunity to take a break when you need it. You are still providing your baby with the most nutritious food possible while having the chance to take a shower or do things on your own terms.

Pump Milk Faster

While manual breast pumps are available, the electric options allow you to pump milk at a much faster pace without having to put forth too much effort. You can sit and relax while pumping without experiencing any major discomfort. Several of the electronic models come with two attachments, allowing you to pump both breasts simultaneously. As a result, you can keep your supply flowing while filling up plenty of containers of breastmilk to store in the freezer until you need them for your baby.

Power pumping is a thing that many women do to try to replicate the cluster feedings that babies often have. If you are following a power pumping routine, you may begin to produce even more milk. Knowing that you are producing more milk could keep you feeling encouraged to stick with breastfeeding while keeping your supply of breastmilk stocked up.

Provide the Best Food

Providing your baby with the best food possible means breastfeeding. While formula is available and may be used to supplement at times, breast milk is known for being the best thing a new mum can give to her baby to help with his or her growth and development. If you know that you can pump, you may feel more inclined to provide breastmilk to your baby rather than buying formula because of its convenience.

Great Option For Any Mum

The electric breast pumps are a great option for a mum of any age. Whether this is your first baby or not, you can enjoy the convenience of pumping when you feel like you need to do so. You can make sure other people can feed your baby, such as your partner, your parents, and other family and friends. You can even purchase bottles that closely replicate a real nipple to give your baby the feeling of breastfeeding directly from you.

Which Features Are Most Important to Have in an Electric Breast Pump?

Before buying an electric breast pump, consider the features that are most important to you. Some features are incredibly important to women who would like to make the breastfeeding process as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

Trustworthy Brand

Pay attention to the brand because some brands have a good reputation in the breastfeeding community. While the brand does not always make or break the decision as to whether you will buy a specific breast pump or not, it does play an important role in helping you decide. Look into some of the leading breast pump brands in the industry to get a feel for the options they offer and the price of those options.

Easy to Wash

You may want to look for an electric breast pump that is easy for you to wash and keep clean. If you constantly have to take different pieces apart to do a thorough cleaning job each time, you might want to look for something that is simply a bit easier for you to maintain.

Easy to Use

When you want to feed your baby, the last thing you want to experience is the stress of trying to get the hang of complicated equipment. Finding an easy-to-use electric breast pump may be a top priority for you. Read reviews to see what others are saying about the ease of use with different breast pumps.

The Bottles That Come With It

Different electric breast pumps will come with different bottles that you can use to feed your baby. You want bottles that are going to resemble the natural nipple because that will make it easier for the baby to latch and get the hang of each feeding in no time.

The Best Portable Breast Pump Option

best electric breast pump portable

The Medela Pump in Style with Maxflow 2020 is a portable breast pump that is easy-to-use and great to take with you wherever you go, such as work. You might need to pump while at work or while visiting friends, and this portable electric breast pump makes it easy for you to do so.

It provides a comfortable experience for women who choose to breastfeed, and it is known to help women produce even more breastmilk. The breast pump comes equipped with different settings that will allow you to adjust the speed and the vacuum suction for a custom experience. You can find out more information HERE

The Silent Electric Breast Pump Wearable Option

best electric breast pump wearable and silent

If you are looking for a wearable option that does not make much noise, the Elvie Wearable Breast Pump is a must-have. It is a lightweight, portable option that allows you to pump at ease while you are at home or on the go. It comes with five different parts, all of which are easy to put together and take apart when you need to clean them. It comes without the cords and may be placed right inside your bra. It comes with a two-year warranty and you can find out more info HERE

The Affordable Double Electric Breast Pump

best electric breast pump affordable double

When working with a budget, the Momcozy Double Electric Breast Pump is a top choice. It comes equipped with nine different speeds, two separate modes, a timer, and a rechargeable battery. It is wire-free and comes with a touchscreen device. The affordable electric breast pump comes with free shipping and a great price, you can find out more info HERE

The Pain-Free Option

best electric breast pump pain free option

Has the thought of having a painful breast pumping experience caused you to worry and wonder if breastfeeding is right for you? If so, the Bellababy Double Electric Pain-Free Pump is worth a try. The breast pump comes with a touch panel, milk storage bags, and nine suction options. It provides a comfortable experience for those looking to pump with ease and without the pain. You can find this pump HERE

No matter which electric breast pump you choose to buy and use, know that you do have options. The goal is to find the perfect one for you based on the features that you prefer the most.

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