Best 10 baby names for boys and girls with meaning

In the world there are so many names that you could call your baby so I have curated a list of some of the most popular baby names. These names will be perfect for your baby and you will know exactly what the name means and also were it originated from! This is something that your child will take with them everywhere they go so we hope this list provides the perfect name for your new baby!

Quick Overview:

Boy Baby Names

  1. Liam
  2. Andrew
  3. Noah
  4. Logan
  5. Jack
  6. Harry
  7. Emmett
  8. Alex
  9. James
  10. Ryan


Girl Baby Names

  1. Ava
  2. Abby
  3. Amalea
  4. Alison
  5. Avery
  6. Anna
  7. Emma
  8. Mia
  9. Beth
  10. Kate

Meanings and Origin

  1. Liam– is originally from germany and is a boys name. Liam is shortened from William another very popular name. This name has over 193,000 people in the United States with it. It is the second most popular baby name in the United States as of 2019. The meaning of Liam is protector and strong warrior! There are many popular people in our modern society with the name Liam such as Liam Hemsworth, and Liam Payne. Overall Liam which is short for William is a simple but popular baby boys name!
  2. Andrew– is a popular boy name in the United States and also in England. The name Andrew comes from the greek name Andreas. There are around 1.3 million people in the United States with the name Andrew! The meaning of Andrew is strong and manly. Some common nicknames for the name Andrew are Drew, or Andy
  3. Noah– is originally from the Hebrew name Noach. Noah became a popular boys name due to Noah building the Ark to save his family and the animals. The name Noah means rest or calm. This is name is popular with around 377,000 people in the United States having this name!
  4. Logan– is a popular boys name and originated from Scotland but is now very popular in the United States. This name is from the scottish name Lagan. Around 345,000 people in the United States share the name Logan. The boys name Logan means little hollow
  5. Jack– is a very popular name in the United States. The name Jack originally came from the medieval name Jackin. This name has no set country of origin but it was very popular in the middle ages. The meaning of the name Jack is man. Around 688,000 people share the name jack in the United States.
  6. Harry– is a popular name in the United States with around 423,000 people sharing the name Harry. The popularity of the name Harry has dropped in popularity in the United States but it is still very popular in other countries around the world. The name Harry comes from the name Henry which is a medieval name from Wales and England. Harry means power ruler!
  7. Emmett– has been gaining popularity in The United States in the past 5 years. The name Emmett is an up and coming name in The United States and 52,000 people share the name in America. The name Emmett means hard worker so if your baby might be ahead of the crowd and you might need some tips to help your child sit up.
  8. Alex– has been a popular name for thousands of people all over the world. It was made popular by medieval kings in England. Around 279,000 people in America share the name. Alex is short for Alexander and Alex can also be a girls name. Alex is a greek name meaning defender of men.
  9. James– is an extremely popular name all over the world. It gained popularity from the first king of all of Britain was  King James the VI. The name James is from the Hebrew name Jacob and James means supplanter meaning one who follows.
  10. Ryan– is a wonderful baby boy name. The origin of the name Ryan is Irish and it means little king, this is perfect for your new baby because he will be your little king! The name Ryan is derived from the name Riain. There are 192,000 people in America that share the name Ryan!

If your are expecting a girl here are baby names with meaning for girls.

  1. Ava– I think that Ava is a sweet and cute name for any girl. The name Ava comes from the name Eve and Ava is from Germany. Ava is the third most popular girls baby name in America as of 2019 and Ava means life. There are 251,000 people in America that share the name Ava.
  2. Abby– is a classic name for girls all over the world. The name Abby is a hebrew name meaning fathers joy. The name Abby is comes from the name Abigail. There are 58,000 people in America that share the name Abby.
  3. Amalea– I think Amalea is a unique and beautiful name for any girl. The name is unique but still very easy to pronounce and also easy to spell! There are less than 100 girls in America who share this beautiful name! The name is originally from italy and is popular there. The name means hard working.
  4. Alison– is a beautiful name which first used in the 12 century but did not gain much popularity until the 19th century. There  are 299,000 people in America who share the name Alison. Alison is originally from France and mean small and truthful.
  5. Avery– is a sweet name for any girl. The name comes from an old French pronunciation of Alfred. The name Avery means elf ruler which is a slightly weird meaning for a girls name but nevertheless it is a sweet girls name. In America 171,000 people share the name Avery.
  6. Anna– is a short but sweet name for any girl. Anna is short for Annabelle which is an older generation girls name Anna brings a refreshing new name to an older generation name. Anna means beautiful and graceful. The origin of this baby name is greek and latin and there are 891,000 people who share the name Anna in America.
  7. Emma– was the most popular girl name in 2018 and in 2019 it is the second most popular name.The name Emma is derived from the germanic word ermen which means whole. There are 656,000 people who share the name Emma in America. A similar name to Emma is Emily. The origin of the name Emma is ancient Germanic.
  8. Mia– is a short beautiful girls name. The name is originally from Italy and it means my, and it also means a wished for child. This name is perfect for anyone with Italian roots! There are 217,000 people in America who share the name Mia.
  9. Beth–  is a short stunning name for any baby girl! Beth was originally a short name for Elizabeth and became popular by the Queen of England. There are 159,000 people in America who share the name. The origin of the name Beth is scottish and Beth means lively. 
  10. Kate– comes from the name Katharina but Kate is a simplified sweet version! Kate is a French baby name perfect for anyone who has some French roots. The name Kate means pure and there are 80,000 people in America who share the name!


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