The Benefits Of A Lean To Greenhouse And How To Make Sure The One You Buy Is Child Friendly

When looking for a greenhouse, we all have that dream of having a huge picturesque one that is so large, you can spread your arms, spin around and not knock down all the plant pots. Of course, most of us have a garden that cannot cater to this or simply do not have the budget. But there is a way you can give yourself a space to grown some plants and food, not take up the whole garden and not have to resort to selling your other half’s jewelry to pay for it and that is with a lean to greenhouse. Today we are showing you why a greenhouse in this style could be just what your green thumbs need and also if you have kids, we will let you know how to pick one that is safe for them. We found the best lean to greenhouses in the UK league table that’s produced and updated quarterly by WhatShed to be a really good resource. So if you’re wanting to look into what’s currently available then you should check this page out.

A Real Space Saver

The first benefit is space saving. While you can get some very large and spacious lean to greenhouses and they are awesome. For many people, a lean to greenhouse is the only way that they can get a greenhouse in their garden. You can get some very compact designs such as ones that are 6 x 2 in their size like number 17 on the top 20 lean to greenhouses league table that WhatShed did. This it does show you how little space a lean to greenhouse can take up. So if you do live in the city and have a very small amount of space in your garden. Do not just give up, have a look at some of the smaller lean to greenhouses that are on the market and you will be very surprised at how snug a space these can fit in.

No Wall Does Not Mean No Greenhouse

Look, we know that some of you have already thrown your arms in the air and said that you do not have a wall that could support a lean to greenhouse (although as long as you seal it right, pretty much any wall is good) but there are ways around this. For example, you can have a lean to greenhouse be attached to a garden wall, a fence, heck even a shed would work! As long as you build it correctly and seal it in the right way, you will be able to use a lean to greenhouse where is convenient for you. You can even use something like cedar wood panels to create your own make shift wall.

A Lean To Greenhouse Can Be More Convenient

As fantastic as it is to have a large greenhouse right out in the middle of your garden. No one likes having to head out there in the rain, getting mud all over their feet or even having to put their wellies on just to go and take care of their plants and food for five minutes. As most lean to greenhouses are built onto a house, you do not have to do that. This is especially true if you have it built on a patio area as you can just throw on your slippers and go tend to your plants. It is not something many people think about, but being able to quickly go out the back door, take a few steps and be at the greenhouse is fantastic.

Size Can Matter

We have already talked about how those who have a smaller garden will find a lean to greenhouse very useful. If you have a lot of space, but still like the idea of having a greenhouse attached to your house, you will be pleased to know that you can get some very large and impressive lean to greenhouses. They can be nice and long, really tall and very deep so if you have a large garden and a nice budget, then you can get a nice sized greenhouse, 12 x 6, for example, is a very nice size that will allow you to really potter around and have some fun flexing those green thumbs of yours.

Feel The Heat!

As we all know, greenhouses are designed to keep plants and any food we are growing nice and warm. Well, a lean to greenhouse can actually provide the things you are growing with a much more constant kind of heat. Witchcraft, we can hear you say. But it is actually true. The way this works is that if you are using the side of your house as the back wall for your greenhouse. It will soak up that heat and then release that heat nice and slowly, giving the things you are growing a more consistent kind of heat.

You Can Be Really Creative

The amount of different styles that are on the market right now when it comes to lean to greenhouses is staggering. There are aluminium greenhouses that are ideal if you want something a little more modern and with style. You can also get some elaborate wooden designs that may require a little more upkeep, but they are perfect if you want a greenhouse that is as much a feature of your garden as it is a space for you to tend to plants and grown your own food.

You Can Supercharge A Lean To Greenhouse!

Ok so let us explain what we are talking about here. Having some electricity or gas in the greenhouse can really take your gardening to the next level. But if you have a greenhouse out at the back of your garden, a million miles away from the house it can take some serious work and if you do not know what you are doing, you are going to have to pay for someone to run a line! However with a lean to greenhouse as it is so close to your actual house, you can easily run a cable through the wall or along the side of the house. Having access to electricity or gas can make growing your own plants and food in the winter much, much easier.

Ensuring Your Lean To Greenhouse Is Child Friendly

If you have kids or grandkids running around the garden, keep away from the greenhouse is something you will have said so many times it has practically become your catch phrase. To be honest with you a lean to greenhouse is no more dangerous than any other kind of greenhouse. As a matter of fact, you could argue that it is a little safer as it is right next to the house and not in the middle of the garden, close to where the kids play. The main way though that you can make it safer for the kids is by getting one that does not have glass panels. Many lean to greenhouses have polycarbonate panels which still give your plants and food the heat they need, but if a kid does run into it or kicks a ball at it, you do not have to worry about broken glass.

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