Blogtober20 Day 5 Manic Monday

Happy Monday! Is Your Monday morning as manic as mine, I always need to remember 2 Pe Kits, 4 water bottles, 2 coats, 4 school bags and hope that i’ve remembered to order their school lunches by midnight on Sunday!

I have all good intentions of being organised, but it doesn’t usually happen, so here are a few tips to help us all!

9 Ways to Be More Productive in The Morning

Forcing yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn every day might sound like the right way to go, but it won’t lead to productive mornings in the long run.

It really doesn’t matter how much willpower you have (or claim to have!) When you wake up, if you’re still sleepy, you’re going to be grumpy, which will affect your productivity.

On the other hand, having a good morning routine can set the productivity tone for the entire day! Good routines generate motivation.

In fact, there are a couple of strategies that can make a real difference between being more productive in the morning and ending up stumbling into the office feeling like a zombie. Let’s maximize your mornings so you can get the most out of your days!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Be more productive in the morning by getting a good nights sleep

The key to being more productive in the morning is getting a good night’s sleep first. There are lots of ways to promote healthier sleeping pattern like adjusting the temperature in your room so that’s it’s more comfortable.

You might want to avoid eating a heavy meal and that includes laying off the midnight snacks. You should also exercise regularly as studies have shown that this helps people fall asleep quicker.

Above all else, avoid alcohol and caffeine eight hours before hitting the hay. And steer clear of cellphones and other electronic devices a few hours before as these have been shown to disrupt sleep.

Prep Your Day the Evening Before

Before you hit the hay, take a moment to think about the things you need to get done tomorrow. This could be something like finishing an assignment at work, taking the kids to soccer practice after work, or prepping your breakfast. You can even lay down the outfit you’re going to wear tomorrow.

Write a list of pending tasks or send them to yourself through text. That way, when you wake up, you won’t be drained from struggling to make decisions. You’ll also feel more accomplished when you’re able to complete the tasks you assigned yourself the night before.

Shower Right Away and Reward Yourself for Getting Out of Bed

Hop in the shower as soon as you get out of bed. A nice shower will help your body fight off grogginess and drowsiness. Follow it up by brushing your teeth, combing your hair and getting dressed. This will tell your brain that you’re ready to start the day and have no plans to jump back into bed to snooze for another 15 minutes.

Also, get in the routine of rewarding yourself for accomplishing this task. It could be anything like stopping by McDonald’s and ordering an Egg McMuffin, having your favourite almond milk chocolate smoothie at home, or driving through Starbucks to pick up a latte.

Use Caffeine Effectively

We all need a little caffeine boost to perk us up in the morning, but when we stop cold turkey, our bodies experience uncomfortable side effects like withdrawal headaches.

If you consume caffeine regularly, try cutting it out for about a week. This allows your body to reset your caffeine tolerance, which in turn will make caffeine effective when you start drinking it again.

From now on, use caffeine only when you need that extra boost of energy instead of reaching for a second or third cup of coffee just because it’s ingrained in your system.

Also, to release the caffeine more steadily into your system, try drinking coffee or tea a little slower. Eat something with it too because consuming too much caffeine on an empty stomach increases the levels of hydrochloric acid, a digestive protein in your stomach. When this happens, it can prevent your body from absorbing the necessary nutrients.

I have just been introduced to Innerji and love it!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Lots of studies have indicated that eating a healthy breakfast can improve your energy levels first thing in the morning, which can boost your ability to concentrate. As a bonus, it also produces lower levels of LDL cholesterol, aka bad cholesterol, and reduces your risk of weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes.

But what does a healthy breakfast entail? A healthy balance of lean protein and high-fibre carbohydrates will do the trick. Quinoa, multigrain toast, and fruits like passion fruit are some great suggestions. I love overnight oats and Greek yogurt bowls but any protein-based breakfast will give you plenty of energy.

Do the Hardest Thing on Your To-Do List First

We all have tasks that we hate and we can’t exactly avoid them forever. So, look for the most complicated thing on your to-do-list and just do it. You mind is fresher and more energised in the morning than it will be later in the day. As soon as you get the tough tasks out of the way, all of your other priorities will seem like a breeze.

Create a Routine That Activates Your Brain and Gives You Energy

Every morning when you get to work, take a moment to perform a morning ritual that will help get you going. You can write down some affirmations and say them out loud at your desk to remind you of how valuable you are.

You could also pick an upbeat song that gives you energy and puts you in a positive mood. That means no songs about heartbreaks, sadness, or anything like that! You need something that will energise you and make you feel alive.

Do this every morning as this will help your brain associate the sound of the song with working, which in turn will make you more productive in the morning. Pick a few back up songs in case you get sick and tired of listening to the same tune every morning.

Stretch and Get a Quick Workout

Take 5 minutes to stretch out your back with yoga exercises. If you’re up for it, you could also do a 7-minute HIIT workout before hitting the shower. Getting an early workout will increase your energy levels for the day.

Set Intentions for Your Productive Day

Plan out your day first thing in the morning. You can even plan out your whole week over the weekend. This will give you a better perspective of the more important things that you need to tackle Monday through Friday. By setting these intentions, your day will go a lot smoother which in turn will help you feel less stressed by the time you’re ready to go home.

Hope these tips help your morning routine go a bit smoother!



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13 thoughts on “Blogtober20 Day 5 Manic Monday”

  1. Great advice, I really do not function at all without a coffee, once I have had that I am more prepared to face the day ahead. I do agree with preparing the night before and getting a good nights sleep is a key to helping

  2. What wonderful tips. I have to admit, I’m most productive in the morning. It does take me a while to get out of bed, but I’ve managed it by myself since being back on my treatment. Then once I’ve got downstairs, I get a burst of energy and feel like doing everything. Of course, I have to pace myself, otherwise I’d be back in bed for the rest of the day by lunch time. Cleaning my teeth wakes me up for sure, and I don’t drink caffeine at all. I guess I’m a morning person. (Just don’t ask me to do ANYTHING after 7pm, lol.)

  3. Yes! I definitely think there’s something to be said about getting a good night’s sleep. It seems to reset you for the day, and if you’re not trying to hold your eyelids open all day, the world does seem a much brighter place. #blogtober20

  4. I am going to adopt the idea of doing the hardest task on my to do list first. I’m terrible for putting stuff off but then it just hangs over you all day!!

  5. These are wonderful tips! I’ll have to try some of these to try to have an easier Monday. I had today off, so tomorrow is technically my Monday.


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