Backyard Camping: 6 Basic Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

Due to the current pandemic, adventurous families find themselves stuck in their houses. Despite that, an indoor game with your kid can be fun and educational. Unfortunately, now, it is not that safe to do that.

Sure, you can’t be roaming around outside for health and safety reasons. But there is an advantage in having a functional backyard.

You can use that extra space and start going backyard camping with your kids. It is fun and more comfortable to manage than camping in the wilderness. Still, you get to have a taste of the outdoors.

Even though it is backyard camping, it does not mean that you should forget about being vigilant over your kids’ safety. Here are six essential tips on how you can keep your kids safe while camping in your backyard.

1. Stay hydrated

When you’re out in your backyard doing physical work to get your campsite going, it might not feel like work. Still, you’re sweating it out with your kids. Thus, you should remind yourself and your kids to stay hydrated and drink water, especially if the temperatures are so high.

Luckily, you have easy access to plenty of drinking water. That’s why there is no excuse in keeping yourself hydrated during backyard camping.

2. Don’t eat in your tent

The great thing about holding a backyard camping session with your kids is that it allows you to teach your kids essential lessons when camping. For example, you should inform your kids not to eat when they’re in their tents. They should step out of it, and eat their food around the campfire instead.

There are two reasons why this is a critical rule. One reason is that it helps keep your tent clean. Nobody likes sleeping with food crumbs sticking to them while they roll around. The second reason is that food attracts creatures to your tent, including bears. Use this rule to explain that bears have a keen sense of smell to detect food, even if you pack them away.

3. Teach your kids about fire safety

Another life and camping lesson that you can simulate in your backyard camping session with your kids to teach them is fire safety. When you’re creating your campfire, explain to your kids every step of the way and why you did what you had to do. Letting them know the reasoning allows them to simulate these fire safety tips in the future as well.

For example, teach your kids to build a campfire downwind from the tents so that accidents don’t happen. You should also teach them to place campfires in places that are a few feet away from the shelter, even if the tents claim to be fire-resistant.

4. Check the weather

The first thing you need to check for, whether you are camping in your backyard or deep in the wilderness, is the local weather forecast.

Any beginner hiker can tell you how important that step is. Camping under bright and sunny weather is a lot different than camping when there is heavy rain.

You will need to have waterproof gear when you are camping in the rain. Aside from that, you need to be able to set up camp before the rain comes. If you do not want to camp out in the rain, you need to look at the weather forecast and check how likely precipitation is.

If the weather changes, it is handy to keep a reliable rain jacket with you. It is light so you can pack it with you. It will allow you to set up camp, even in your backyard, in relative comfort.

5. Beware of bugs

Ensure that you bring mosquito repellents with you so that you and your kids have protection against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry all sorts of diseases with them that can make you and your kids sick. That’s why you should always be aware of the bugs, even when you’re backyard camping.

While you’re at it, be aware of other bugs like wasps and spiders too.

6. Bring camping supplies

Even if you are camping in your backyard, you still need all your camping essentials with you.

Use this opportunity to dust them off. Aside from that, it will make sure that you feel like you are in the wilderness, even though you are at home.

Treat this as if you are actually in the wilderness and bring the camping supplies you usually carry. To make things fun, make sure that you bring some games with you as well.

Backyard camping is a great way to bond with your kids while going outdoors and without putting them in danger. If you crave that bit of nature, you can always try out backyard camping with your kids. It is a safer environment, and it is still a great way to bond with your kids.

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