Back to High School with Swanky Swans

If your children are anything like mine, by the end of July pretty much every piece of equipment is on its last legs, including school bags, I have lost count of the amount of bags Neva has gone through since starting school!

When Swanky Swans got in touch to see if she would like to review a school bag, she immediately grabbed her ipad and began trawling the website for a suitable bag, her only problem was there were so many to choose from!

She eventually chose the Atlantis Vintage Map and Butterfly Backpack in beige, the great thing about this website is that lots of the bags that are available come in different choice of styles, so she could have a matching purse, a satchel, cross-body bag and a handbag!

The backpack she chose also comes with an ipad/tablet case that poppers to the inside of the backpack, which is perfect now that Neva is going into her last year of high school and will be using more technology in her studies, I know this will keep her ipad safe.

The backpack arrived really quickly and it looked lovely, it is sturdy and definitely up to the job, as school isn’t due to start for a few weeks, she has been using it on days out and trips to town and she says that it is definitely up to the job and very comfortable to wear.

In fact, we were so impressed with the bag, I have ordered Eowyn her school bag from there, a matching purse for Neva and a new bag for myself!

So if you are wondering which bag to get for your daughters (or treating yourself) head over to Swanky Swans, they also have shoes, scarves and other accessories.

If your child is starting high school for the first time and you are a little worried, you are not alone, check out Inspiring Life Dreams post on A Parents Guide to surviving the first day of high school, there may be some helpful information for you to get through the day!

Its nearly time for back to school, which means new uniform, new school bags,new shoes, click through to find out more about the gorgeous Swanky Swans bags perfect for school and university


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